Natural Stress Relievers To Use At Work

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Unfortunately, nobody is a stranger to stress at work. Work-related stress can increase your anxiety levels, it can even creep into your personal life and affect how you sleep. So finding reliable and effective ways to relieve your stress are vital for your wellbeing. But not a lot is spoken about in terms of stress relievers for adults, most people just get on with it like it is just a fact of life and work.

However, there are natural stress relievers that are amazing at centering your thoughts and balancing your emotions. It is just about knowing what to do and harnessing what works for you.


Be Mindful Of Your breathing

Just breathing isn’t a way to relieve stress, it just keeps you alive. Most people don’t know how to harness the power of their breath. In those moments where your chest feels heavy and anxiety is creeping in, you’ll know that simply breathing doesn’t really help. You have to practice deep breathing; meditation has been around for centuries, and its practices help to calm the mind. Breathing exercises have been proven to help reduce anxiety and stress. 

Implementing this as a practice in your working day will help to relieve work anxiety and is a way to keep yourself in control and your emotions in check in a healthy, mindful way.

But normal shallow breathing can make you feel worse and induce stress if already heightened whereas deep breathing allows you to take a moment of pause, reset and reduce your anxiety and overwhelming feelings.


Take Some Time For Yourself

If you can, go for a quick walk, stretch your legs and take a small break. You will come back feeling a little lighter, with a fresh mindset. Sometimes being stuck at your desk or inside can exacerbate how you feel, taking a moment of pause and doing something to actively reset is a powerful and natural way to relieve any stress. You can relax your shoulders, shake out any tension from your hands and finish the day in a great way.  

Simply taking five minutes to have a cup of tea or glass of water, is a way to step away from your work and have a moment to yourself. Or even a little catch-up with a colleague, over a hot cup of tea and natter about the day so far. Sometimes, talking and laughing is the best medicine even if it isn’t about anything in particular.


Be Prepared

It can be tough to focus at work, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and stress and anxiety are creeping in. You need to be prepared for these moments, some days you may just wake up and need some extra help, where nothing, in particular, has happened but you just need something to help centre yourself. 

Keep an ESCAPE wellbeing aromatherapy balm with you when these days happen. It is human to have ‘off’ days and times where getting out of bed and going to work causes stress. Take a moment to reset by using this balm and feeling its relaxing effects.

Unfortunately, sometimes having a job and stress go hand in hand. The tasks keep piling up and the time keeps running out. Take a breath, walk away, and use the DE-STRESS wellbeing aromatherapy balm to calm your mind and balance your energy. Then you head back with a fresh mindset and just do what you can.

Work-related stress is a real and common issue but by using these practices, you will be able to manage and relieve your stress in a natural, healthy manner. They won’t make all of your stress go away but they will make it manageable, sometimes taking a moment of pause is all you need to take the weight off and try your best.