Who are we?

Stop. Inhale. Reset.®

Scentered® is a mindfulness lifestyle brand that has created a unique Wellbeing Ritual, teaching people how to use the power of our sense of smell as a tool to direct our thoughts, emotions and actions to live happier lives. 

Our line of 100% natural, essential oil-based Aromatherapy BalmsCandles, Hair Care and Body Care products provide portable solutions to support mindful transitions through life’s everyday journey.

Scentered’s plant-based aromatherapy products are uniquely blended from the finest ingredients sourced around the world to deliver need-based solutions. When applied to your pulse points, the balms provide an instant, personal sensory experience, whilst our candles create a shared sensory experience through ambience and mood-setting. Our eco-conscious values ensure we minimise our carbon footprint while maximising the Creative Reusability of our packaging.

Our six unique, award-winning blends provide purposeful solutions to the most commonly desired emotional states like SLEEP WELL, DE-STRESS, FOCUS, HAPPY, ESCAPE and LOVE. We encourage you to Stop. Inhale. Reset.®

Love aromatherapy balm

Meet our founder

Whilst building a successful global hospitality business our founder, Lara Morgan, travelled the world hundreds of days each year and realised the need for portable aromatherapy products to support her mindful transitions from home to office to travel to “me time”.

Scentered was created to meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers hungry for natural, portable aromatherapy and essential oil solutions to help them mindfully transition their moods, thoughts and emotions from moment to moment on demand throughout their everyday journey.

Why balms and candles?

Whilst our award-winning blends contain up to 25 essential oils to provide truly unique scent experiences, Scentered is not designed as a “fragrance” to be used as perfume or cologne that will be noticeable throughout the day.  We intentionally use moringa and shea butter as the carriers for our balms to create a mess-free application when applied directly to the skin. 

These moisturising natural ingredients provide an immediate personal sensory experience when you “Stop. Inhale. Reset.”, allowing you to mindfully transition your mindset as the essential oils are absorbed into your skin and the aroma gently fades away.  This frees you to apply another blend a short time later as you transition from mindset to mindset throughout the day without creating a complicated layering effect, allowing you to enjoy each blend as it was designed.  Our Sleep Well balm is designed to linger a bit longer, as you breathe deeply and drift off to sleep. 

Our Candles have been developed to complement our Balm blends and are intended to fill a room with mindful meaning. While other candles are all about fragrances, our candles were designed to reinforce the mental connection between the desired thoughts and outcomes created in the mind from using our Wellbeing Ritual. 

You can use our aromatherapy candles to create a personalised ambience or offer friends and family a shared sensory experience designed to produce a specific mind state on demand.  For example, one might use our Happy Balm as a signature scent whilst doing activities they enjoy, and then later light a Happy Candle when friends and family are visiting to create an ambience of shared joy. 

Blended in England

The relationships between an artisan and a beautiful handmade piece create a story and make each product not a mass-market item, but an individually crafted piece, like our blends. At the heart of our brand are highly complex, 100% natural blends of essential oils extracted with timeless traditional methods to ensure premium quality performance and powerful scents. Our suppliers are our valued partners and we work with them to influence the supply chain ensuring our values on the environment and waste are maintained through every area and step of the business. Some of the supplier partnerships we have selected have been relationships we have had for 2 decades, and we consciously grow together fully aware of the importance of sustainability.

Whilst we cannot claim to support the artisan world throughout the manufacture of our balms we are determined to build great relationships which help social and developmental needs in the modern-day whilst looking after the most wonderful traditions of using aroma for therapeutic gain.