Wellbeing holiday travel essentials 2022

A hammock on the beach, by the ocean.

When getting ready to go on holiday, you will run through a list of travel essentials like toothbrush, passport, phone charger etc and as much as these are vital to any trip, you also need to remember your wellness essentials. Going away can be stressful, new scenery doesn’t mean your everyday stresses will go away. 

You don’t want to be in the sun, fretting and worrying about things out of your control. You want to be present and in the moment and enjoy yourself. There are many ways and practices you can implement to make the most of your time away from reality.

Sit back and relax, allowing yourself to be open, adventurous and at one with yourself.


What To Bring On Holiday For Wellness

Now you’ve packed your toiletries and necessities, you will need to start thinking about what to pack on holiday for your wellness. Travelling can cause you to feel a wave of stress and anxiety, with having to deal with new people and places. It is easy to give over to these strong emotions but the whole point of travelling and going on holiday is to escape.

Wellbeing holiday essentials are made to both centre and balance you when things become a little too much, and you start to feel overwhelmed. Shift the gears from doing what you 'have to do' to doing what you 'want to do' and indulge in some needed 'me time.’

Candles are a great way to bring some peace into your life, this could be just sitting in candlelight and being at one with your thoughts or using the aromas to practice deep breathing or consciously practise the art of mediation, Packing a travel candle is a great way to recharge and centre yourself. Let the aromas waft all around you, relaxing and washing away tension as the scent travels all over you.

You can even use aromatherapy as a way to practice some much-needed wellness. Take this aromatherapy balm with you everywhere you go to feel grounded and free at the same time. You can pack this in your bag at night, or in your pocket on walks. use it as a way to realign yourself, take those few seconds to inhale the aromas and breathe deeply, this can make you feel calm and settled, regaining the connection between your mind and body, ready to be present.

For times when you need something to truly relax your body this foot mat and aromatherapy balm are the perfect duo to bring some balance and serenity into your day. The acupressure foot mat is restorative and helps realign your balance to your body’s energy flow to the body and mind.


Self-Care On holiday

Just because you’re in a relaxing environment, does not equate to you feeling relaxed. To truly relax your mind and body you have to put physical practices in place.

Implement ways to practice self-care whilst on your holiday. Go for walks on your own, distraction-free to clear your mind.

Meditate on the sand or under a tree, basking in the sunlight or find calm watching the waves crash into the shore.

Find what works for you, if to escape you need to be wild and free then do that. Do whatever feeds your mind and body, dance till 3 am or practice yoga and rise with the sun.

Travelling is a form of escapism, a break from everyday life. This doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing and easy. It makes it easier to roll with what happens with ease and grace when you are prepared and make self-care a priority.