Scentered mini moments

Mindful aromatherapy mini tin

Following the recent launch of our mindful aromatherapy minis in a tin, we asked the Scentered team about their personal #minimoments. Those moments where you need simply stop, and take a few moments to get yourself back on track, or as we like to say Stop | Inhale | Reset. We loved Emma's - our Events Manager's feedback, so we thought we’d share her #minimoments with you.

Firstly, where do you keep your mini library tin?

I mainly keep my tin in my handbag as I’m always on the go, travelling to and from events around the country, so I can easily access it from my bag. It’s small, so I can take it everywhere with me. If I’m having a few days at home, it usually sits on my desk.

Tell us about your average week and when do you often have mini moments?

Where to start! My schedule can be so busy, especially now that we are nearing the Christmas period, so I’m either scheduling an event or taking part in one, showcasing and demoing Scentered products. I often find that I need a bit of a pick me up at around 11am, where I get a bit fidgety and need something to wake me up. I often use the mini focus balm, on my wrists and neck. I love the fresh scent which instantly gives me the boost I need. I prefer to apply my balm rather than having that second coffee in the morning.

I also enjoy horse riding and I often get a little nervous before a competition. About half an hour before an event, I usually take a few moments to sit on my own to compose myself. I then apply my de-stress balm to remind myself to breathe and relax. I guess it’s a bit of a ritual for me now.

Horse riding relaxing ideas

Tell us about your favourite mini therapy balm in the tin.

That’s tough. I get asked this all the time but I love them all. I think my favourites have to be either De-stress or Escape. I love the scent of Chamomile in the de-stress balm, along with the fresh Neroli. I often get quite tense making sure we’re fully prepared for an event, so I apply this balm across my wrists and take a deep inhale, to relax and get me back on track.

The Escape balm is quite simply an exotic piece of paradise in a stick. It’s smells so fresh, that it can take you to the most exotic place, even when you are standing in the biggest event arena amongst lots of people. It’s so refreshing and I sometimes even use it as a perfume throughout the day on my neck to keep me feeling fresh and recharged.

Any tips on #minimoments?

I’d say embrace it. Take the opportunity to stop and realise that you need to take a few moments to reset yourself. Whether it’s getting the kids to school late because of the morning traffic, or if your presentation didn’t go to plan at work, just apply your balm, inhale deeply and reset your mood.


We’d love to hear about your personal mini moments. Take a photo, share a story, or do whatever you please, we’re sure someone can relate. Use the hashtag #minimoments and share with @iamscentered

And get your hands on your own aromatherapy mini tin here.