How To Beat The Holiday Blues

family of three enjoying the beach

As much as we hate to admit it, summer seems to be officially over. It’s starting to rain more, our days off have almost run out and it’s time to fully return to work. The months September and October can sometimes feel like transitioning periods, as you have just come back to work while you were still in holiday mode. This may require a bit more commitment and you might end up feeling a bit… blue. The holiday blues are a real thing that many people struggle with yearly. Once summer holiday is over, a lot of people struggle to feel motivated and it can take a while until you’re fully committed to your work again. Luckily, aromatherapy can help to feel more focused and determined, and can help you to beat the holiday blues. 

What are summer holiday blues and what can you do about them?

If you have found your way to this blog, the chances are high that you are already familiar with the summer holiday blues. In fact, maybe you’re way too familiar with them. If you’re currently feeling sad, unmotivated or unfocused and reminiscing about your holiday that has gone by way too quickly, then it’s safe to say that you’re experiencing holiday blues. This can be frustrating and therefore, we understand that you’re looking for ways to improve your mental health and gain more motivation or focus during your day. As there are multiple ways in which holiday blues show, we will run you through the best tools to beat them.

How to beat the holiday blues if you’re up at night dreaming about holiday

Are the holiday blues keeping you up at night? If you’re dreaming about luxury holiday destinations far away every night, reality can be discouraging when you wake up in the morning. It might even keep you up at night which affects your focus even more. To get rid of the summer holiday blues, you can use our SLEEP WELL Aromatherapy line to improve your sleep. The alluring blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Palmarosa helps to relax your body and calm your mind, causing you to fall into a deep sleep. 

Gain more focus after the holiday blues

Have you dreaded the day that you’re going back to work? And are you lacking the focus to do your work properly, especially when you’re still working from home? Then the FOCUS balm will be your absolute lifesaver as by inhaling this scent, your concentration will be boosted and it will help you to accomplish your goals. Start using the Focus balm a few days before your first day back at work and you will notice a huge difference. If you’ve already started work and you’re lacking focus, give this balm a shot and you will soon notice an improvement.

Signature Ritual Collection

Post-holiday stressing over mum duties

Ah yes… the mum duties and general chores around the house have returned. If you have enjoyed a luxurious holiday at an all inclusive resort, this feeling of stress might be even worse. From zero to one hundred, very quickly. But don’t worry, we have got you covered with our DE-STRESS candles and balms. Light our DE-STRESS candle during your mum duties or chores and let the blend ease your mind, making you feel more relaxed. Of course, the DE-STRESS range works best if you’re sitting down and fully embracing this moment of de-stressing. 

Reminiscing over your holiday

Perhaps you would still like to secretly escape your daily life and remember your holiday. In that case, deeply inhaling the ESCAPE balm or lighting the ESCAPE candle around the house can help to bring back that relaxed feeling you had while you were still on holiday. There’s no shame in reminiscing about better times, is there? 

If you want to switch between these moods easily and ensure that you’re in the right mood at the right time, we have got wonderful sets that include all of our scents. The Signature Ritual Collection is one of those sets that a BE HAPPY, DE-STRESS, ESCAPE, SLEEP WELL and FOCUS balm. Bye bye, holiday blues!