Who are we?

We exist to support and improve your wellbeing through taking moments to

Stop. Inhale. Reset.®

A 100% natural aromatherapy brand with a mission to help individuals feel and be more resilient when juggling daily life.

We have brought the proven science of aromatherapy into the modern world, to use the power of scent to change your mood.

A range of portable, multi-use aromatherapy balms that cuts through the complexities of essential oils to deliver a pre-blended, convenient, suitable for all, effective portable wellbeing solution.

Addressing the most common wellbeing needs to help improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, encourage positivity and confidence, support hormonal and emotional balance and promote a sense of calm control.

When applied to your pulse points, the balms provide an instant, personal sensory experience, whilst our candles create a shared sensory experience through ambience and mood-setting

Lara's story

I was running a global hotel supply business, living life at 100 miles an hour, with three young daughters and a work/life balance that would make the most resilient person cry. ​ I was at breaking point.

I couldn’t sleep, I wasn’t eating properly and I developed a facial tic that I hadn’t even noticed. At one point, I was carrying so much stress and anxiety that I used to hold onto chair arms to help force breath into my body. I felt isolated and alone and didn’t know who to talk to or what to do about it – I just kept going.​

My mum came to my rescue. An aromatherapist, she gave me a selection of bath oils to blend that were designed to help me relax, sleep, focus and keep control. Whilst they had an impact, I was frustrated with having to use the oils in a bath, when I was travelling so much – it just wasn’t practical. Then the oils leaked in my suitcase and I lost patience with them.​

I knew though, that aromatherapy could help me, I just needed to have them in an easy to use, portable format that I could keep with me for when I needed them. And so, much easier said than done, some years later Scentered was born.