Relive That Good Feeling, Anywhere, Anytime With Portable Aromatherapy Balms

five scentered aromatherapy balms

Finding a spare moment for some much needed ‘me time’ is easier said than done. With the sun rising later and setting earlier. days seem shorter than ever. Additionally, with Christmas fast approaching, the spare moments we do have are filled with present wrapping and turkey prepping. If you find yourself burnt out on a Sunday, feeling completely exhausted and unenthusiastic about doing it all over again come Monday morning, it might be time for a little more time to yourself during the week. Taking time out of your busy schedule may sound counter intuitive, but when you are feeling well rested and your well being taken care of, you will find yourself more enthusiastic and productive than ever!

At Scentered we know that when your life is at its busiest and most hectic, that self-care should be even more of a priority. To help you fit your well being ritual into even the busiest of schedules, we have created easy-to-use portable aromatherapy balms to use on the go. Whilst aromatherapy oils typically come in the form of a candle or a dropper bottle needing to be diluted, at Scentered we found that neither of these were compatible with our busy lives or travelling. That is why we have created Travel Aromatherapy Balms; a light, compact, twist up balm that is rubbed onto your pulse points, release your favourite aromas as your skin warms the balm when you move. The benefits of these mean that there is no spillages in your handbag, they can be taken on a plane, and they come in a compact travel sized tin with all of your favourite scents; De-stress, Focus, Happy, Escape and Sleep Well.

Aromatherapy for Travel

Your Travel Aromatherapy Balms are perfect for taking on holiday. Start your relaxation early by using your Escape Travel Aromatherapy Balm on the plane. The Oud fragrance note in the balm will enhance clarity of mind and the Frankincense promotes visualisation, a perfect aid for getting your nose stuck into a good book and awaiting your destination. 

Using your scents as you enjoy the warm beaches of Thailand or the fresh mountain air of Switzerland will create a scent association between the aromas of the balms and the fond memories and feelings you are making on holiday. So when you start to experience holiday blues, simply rub the balm on your pulse points and be instantly transported back to your latest getaway. For more information on the power of scent association, you can read our collaboration with Wellbeing Escapes on How To Take Your Holiday Home With You Using The Power Of Scent. 

One of the benefits of having your aromatherapy in beautifully small packaging, is that you can take all of your scents with you, including your Sleep Well Travel Aromatherapy Balm. Sleeping in a foreign place is not always the easiest place to get a full and restful night sleep; the sheets don’t feel the same, there isn’t a perfectly ‘you’ shaped dip in the mattress and it doesn’t smell like home. This is the perfect opportunity to rub your balm on your pulse points, and it will start to smell like home and all those other wonderful nights sleep you’ve used your balm in your own bed. If you are looking for some travel inspiration, read our article on 5 Best Travel Destinations To Take Your Balms To This Winter.

Aromatherapy at work

Getting in the zone at work can be tricky with all of the distractions around you. At Scentered we have created the perfect blend of essential oils that make up our ‘Focus’ range. By using our Travel Aromatherapy Balms at work you can experience the powerful benefits of Rosemary to boost alertness and Mint to stimulate mental activity. In a discreet twist-up balm, these are perfect aids that can be kept on your work space anytime you need a helping hand. 

Aromatherapy whenever you need it most

The beautiful thing about our Travel Aromatherapy Balms is that they can be used wherever and whenever you need them the most. Once you have chosen your favourite scent that you find brings you the most sense of comfort and calm, use them when you are feeling your most relaxed, this will strengthen your positive association with this scent. So next time you have a big meeting coming up, a presentation you are nervous about, or any stressful event that calls for an extra helping hand, you can rub your balm onto your pulse points, inhale the aroma and feel yourself relaxing and decompressing. This will make you feel more focused on the task and ready to boss any challenges life throws at you.