How To Get a Good Night's Sleep at a Festival?

tent lit on the inside in the middle of the night

With Glastonbury and Leeds festival on the horizon, there is one question on everybody's lips - how will I get a good sleep? Sleeping at a festival is notoriously difficult, up until now that is! In this article, we will be discussing some of our top tips for camping at some of the upcoming music festivals.

Where To Pitch Your Tent

If you are a regular festival goer, then pitching a tent is probably second nature. However, if you are new to the world of these celebrations, then here is a top tip for you - always try to pitch your tent on as flat ground as possible. Festivals will usually require you to sleep in fields, which a lot of the time are uneven and can prevent you from being able to get in that perfect sleeping position. You may even find yourself waking up with aches and pains, or even falling asleep on some rather pointy rocks. Before setting up camp, try to brush away any stray debris and smooth out the earth beneath your tent. It still might not be as comfortable as your bed at home, but it will make for a much more pleasant experience. 

Ventilation is Important!

Whilst we are on the topic of tents, it’s important to think about how to keep them ventilated. Many tents come with a small array of holes, either on top of the structure or at the bottom. These are vital when it comes to allowing fresh air to waft through. Unfortunately, whilst some tents are better than others at conducting heat, they do typically suffer from the greenhouse effect. The temperature and general heat coming off our bodies have nowhere to go. This can make for an uncomfortably sweating and warm night’s sleep. To avoid this, we recommend shopping around for a double-skinned tent. This will prevent condensation and also, keep you protected from the infamous British weather.

Sleep Well Aromatherapy Balm Is Your Secret Weapon

With sleep being one of the most important components when it comes to keeping your mood regulated, a festival is the last place you will want to be getting a lousy night’s rest. You are going to want to be dancing to your favourite music artists, not yawning over a cup of coffee. That’s where your secret weapon comes in - a Sleep Well Aromatherapy balm. Simply put it on your wrists, forehead, and back of your neck before settling down in your tent at night, and get ready for a heavenly night’s sleep. Not to mention, our balms are mess-free and fit perfectly in your festival bag without adding any noticeable weight - the ideal festival companion if you ask us!

Proper Pillows Are A Must!

Being away from home can mean that you are leaving some of your daily essentials behind. However, with some of our homely comforts left behind, such as our showers, and private toilets, there are some things that are still an absolute necessity. When camping out, you may find that taking a camping bed, or even an air mattress makes the most sense, but we are urging you not to forget proper pillows. Camping pillows are okay, and travel pillows are another alternative that some people use, but nothing really beats a proper pillow from your bed. It won’t take up that much space, and you can use it on the journey to and back from the festival. Trust us - pack that extra luxury, and you won’t regret it!