How To Calm The Kids Before Back To School in The New Year

father and daughter

The holidays are super exciting, especially for the little ones! It can leave them not wanting to go back to school in the new year. Why would they want to return? They’ve been having so much fun during the festive season, that going back to education seems like a boring alternative. As parents, we can find it difficult to get our children back into their past school routine, as they may be reluctant, feel stressed or be too wound up after a festive season full of fun.In this article, we will be giving you our top tips for how to get your kids to calm down  and go back to school in the new year with little to no problems. 

Begin Your Back-To-School Routine Early

One of the most important ways to get your children back into the school going mood is to ensure that you have your routine ready. Routine can help ease any anxieties or pre-school jitters your child may be having. Returning back to education after a nice, long break which was filled with fun and excitement can be extremely difficult for little ones. Some may suffer from separation anxiety and as they have spent a good few weeks surrounded by their families, friends and loved ones, they can find that going back to not seeing them throughout the day daunting. To ensure that both parents and children are on the same page about returning to school, you can begin talking about and setting up your routine early. 

Start by washing the uniforms, making sure you have a good amount of clean shirts, trousers and jumpers ready. This not only saves you time and stress in the long run, but also is a visual symbol that school time will be starting back up again soon. 

Next is their school bags, which are probably still full of Christmas items from the start of the holidays. With your child, empty their bag together, filtering out what they would like to keep and what can be gotten rid of. Again, this saves you any extra worry on the day they return, but also puts the thought of school back into your child’s mind, without causing much distress.  

Homework, projects or any assignments that were meant to be finished over the holidays could be another good indicator for your child. Planning out what they have left to do, making sure they are complete and then also putting those into your freshly emptied backpack or rucksack is another ideal way to reassure that your child is going back to school already ahead of the game. It also prevents you having to round up all of the missing homework right before school starts, meaning that you are buying yourself some extra, stress free hours. 

Finally, get a few new items for when the children are returning back to school. Maybe a new water bottle, lunchbox or even some new stationary can get your child more excited about going back and showing off all their new items to their friends. If you haven’t quite finished your Christmas shopping yet and need a few more present ideas, then a brand new notebook and pens could be the ideal gift. 

Use Aromatherapy To Calm Nerves 

Whether your child is really nervous, or just overly excited during the come down of the festive season, using aromatherapy or other calming practices to help them get back into the school mood could be a great idea. 

Using a DE-STRESS aromatherapy balm on your children’s neck, wrists and temples before bed or even before school in the morning, will aid them in feeling more calm and at peace. Or, if your child is struggling to fall asleep at night, due to nerves, then a SLEEP balm can be used in the same way to help them get that recommended, uninterrupted seven to eight hours of sleep.

There are also other practices that can help relax your child, such as a meditative yoga practice. Having your child complete a short, yet active yoga routine will have them feeling completely chilled out. It also helps release any pent up energy that they may, meaning that you will have a nice, relaxed few days before school starts up again. 

Validating Feelings And Talking About It

One of the number one ways to get through something is to talk about it. If your child is feeling nervous about going back to school, validating their feelings through vocally speaking about them could make everything feel 100% better. Whilst there might only be signs that your child is feeling this way and they have exactly expressed it through their words, normalising the pre-school jitters could be just what they need to feel better about returning to education.