What does the essential oil mandarin do?

mandarin tree

Essential oils are the fragrant essence of a  plant and the perfect ritual to add to anyone's routine. With countless benefits, it’s an all-natural addition that can be used alongside your normal routine either by using them in a scent diffuser, on linen, ingesting it, applying it to the skin via balm or through lighting a candle. 

Aromatherapy has been around since Greek mythology when it was claimed that the gods gave the Greeks the knowledge of fragrance and perfume. The term ‘aromatherapy’ however was not used until 1937 when the healing benefits of essential oils were explored. 

Mandarin essential oil, in particular, comes from the citrus fruit mandarin oranges or tangerines. Whilst these two are very similar there are slight differences meaning mandarin essential oil can also be known as tangerine oil. Mandarin essential oil is extracted by compressing the fresh peels of these fruits to create a sweet, relaxing and uplifting scent. This has made it a popular fragrance note among the young and old alike and it's health and well-being benefits has led to this scent being frequently used in aromatherapy. 

What is in Mandarin oil?

Mandarin essential oil ingredients are alpha-thujone, beta pinene, citral, gamma terpinolene, geraniol, linalool, myrcene, sabinene, alpha pinene, camphene, citronellal, geranial, limonene, methyl anthranilate, nerol and terpineol.

How to use Mandarin oil

  • In a scent diffuser: For an uplifting scent around your home or work space, choosing a scent diffuser or home spray with mandarin oil will create a pleasant atmosphere that lifts the mood and calms the mind.
  • In your laundry: Adding a few drops of mandarin essential oil to a damp cloth and adding this to your drying machine with your laundry will freshen your linens and allow you to carry the benefits of aromatherapy throughout your day. 
  • In a balm: Apply a balm with mandarin oil as a fragrance note to your pulse points for an instantly calming effect to relieve stress on the go.
  • In a candle: Chose an aromatherapy candle with mandarin essential oil in during your bedtime routine (during your bath, whilst you read a book in bed, during evening meditation) to put you in a naturally induced sedated state, ready for sleep.

What are the benefits of mandarin essential oil?

  1. Mandarin essential oil is a natural antispasmodic

With its naturally relaxing and sedative effects, mandarin oil is an essential oil that is perfect for relieving muscle spasms. This means that mandarin oil can be used in the treatment of conditions such as gastritis and dyspepsia. Muscle spasms can cause cramping and muscle pull which can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Just a few drops of mandarin essential oil and this can be relieved with no adverse side effects.

  1. Mandarin oil has calming effects

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, the mandarin essential oil has a calming effect on the mind and body. With its natural anxiety busting properties and sedative effects, mandarin oil is used to induce sleepiness and calm the mind to allow the body to relax and de-stress. This means it is ideal for treating conditions such as nervous tension, irritability, anxiety, stress and restlessness. With its natural properties, the mandarin essential oil can even be used by children to calm tantrums! These benefits can be harnessed through inhaling its sweet aroma and feeling the mind-calming. Try lighting a candle scented with mandarin essential oil during your night time routine as a way of winding down for a restful sleep.  

  1. Mandarin oil has pain-relieving effects

Through the inhalation of mandarin oil, it has been reported that patients have reported relief of pain, nausea and anxiety. This has led to it being administered as an aromatherapy treatment for patients post-operation as an additional natural remedy. 

  1. Mandarin oil is an emotionally uplifting scent

With mandarin essential oil being extracted from the naturally sweet mandarin, it creates a beautifully sweet and citrus aroma. This invigorating scent can be used to induce uplifting and cheery moods. Applying this scent to your pulse points can help you start your morning in a positive, calm and happy mindset, and carry it throughout the rest of your day.

Mandarin essential oil in Scentered products

Whilst mandarin oil has countless physical and emotional benefits including its natural sedative effect when blended with other scents it can create and effective synergy to create moods and improve the well being of those inhaling its aroma. At Scentered, the mandarin essential oil has been combined with Chamomile and Neroli to create an equally uplifting and relaxing scent that promotes feelings of well being and soothes tension. This winning combination has created the DE-STRESS collection, available in our DE-STRESS AROMATHERAPY BALMS and our DE-STRESS AROMATHERAPY CANDLES.