Corporate Well-being

Great companies care for both the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees. Scentereds tried and tested methods educate with mindful tools and classes complementing better habits to create empowering moments. Help your team stay focused, well-rested and less stressed.


Caring for employee wellbeing improves and increases confidence and resilience as well as:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Employee retention
  • Company performance
  • Efficiency and creativity
  • Strengthens morale
  • Drives productivity

Our 100% natural mood therapy balms will help your team balance the demands of a busy lifestyle, aid recovery and enable them to deliver their best work.

Education and workshops

Give your team the tools, rituals and techniques to boost their mood and transform their day. We teach life-long conscious breathing skills to reduce anxiety and stress. 

Mini mindful balm desk drop

Gift your team with a mini mindful aromatherapy balm. Surprise and delight for a Monday morning.

Reward Scheme and Corporate Gifting

Use Scentered products as part of your corporate reward scheme and/or client gifts and retention. Add your own handwritten personalised message showing care and communication with any gift.

Proven benefits - reduces:

• Sickness and stress absence 

• Company expenditure on recruitment & training costs. 

• Health insurance, liability cover and litigation costs.

Shared experience and team-building rank highest in supporting team employee happiness.


To book or learn more

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Tel: 075656 55633