How To Use Aromatherapy To Relieve Exam Season Stress

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It’s exam season, which should be illegal considering the lovely weather lately. But for many people, these weeks are filled with studying, studying and more studying. Whether you’re in the middle of your exams yourself or know someone who is, we could all use a bit of de-stressing sometimes. Especially since the weather has been so wonderful lately, it gets even more difficult to stay focused. Let’s be honest, wouldn’t we all rather be laying on a deserted tropical beach? But first things first, work needs to be done. To help you get through these stressful times, aromatherapy can be used to focus better during your study session and relax more when you’re getting ready for bed. 

How can aromatherapy relieve stress?

Aromatherapy has many health benefits, including helping to relieve stress. Whether it’s stress from work, school or personal situations, aromatherapy can help to deal with stress and make you feel more at peace. During exam season, your stress level might be at its highest peak. Especially when you have back to back exams, it’s difficult to find a moment to fully relax. 

Aromatherapy works by triggering the limbic system of the brain, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions and memory. Being stressed has a negative impact on your overall wellbeing. Over time, however, chronic stress can activate the limbic system in a way that damages the body. By inhaling relaxing scents, such as Chamomile or Lavender, to soothe tension and help your body and mind to relax.

De-stress during exam season

To help you de-stress during the hectic exam season, we recommend using our DE-STRESS Aromatherapy products, which are specifically formulated to relieve stress and ease your body and mind. The DE-STRESS balms and candles are blended with Chamomile to promote calmness and Neroli and Mandarin to help soothe tension and support feelings of well-being. 

Focus Balm

If you’re using the DE-STRESS Balm to relieve stress, apply the balm to pulse points such as your wrists, temples and neck. Inhale deeply while visualising the state of mind you wish to achieve in this moment. Slowly exhale and within moments, you will notice your mood to transition. 

Lit the DE-STRESS Candle during the evenings when you’ve finished studying, to help you to shift from that intense study mode to a relaxing, calming feeling. 

How to focus better during exams

Many people find it difficult to focus for a long period of time, especially when it’s sunny outside and the beach is calling you. For those people, we have formulated the FOCUS Balm. This aromatherapy balm uses a blend of Rosemary to increase alertness and boost memory, Mint to stimulate mental activity and increase focus on cognitive tasks, and Clary Sage to relieve mental fatigue and promote mental clarity. Before a long study session, apply the balm onto your wrists, temples and necks and enjoy the benefits of the FOCUS Balm. Just what you need during exam season! 

Focus Balm

Other ways to stay focused is to set your phone to flight mode, which means you won’t get any notifications or calls that could distract you. Besides that, it is important to take enough breaks. This might sound confusing, but if you keep working for too long without giving your brain a moment of rest, this will likely exhaust you even more. Rule of thumb is to have a 10 minute break for every hour of work you do. That’s the healthiest (and most effective) way to study for your exams.