This is a picture of a Scentered De-stress Aromatherapy Balm, full size 5g, lying on its side on a table surrounded by the ingredients that are included in the balm, especially chamomile
The picture shows 2 Scentered De-stress Refill balms that are sold in a pack of two for you to refill your balm stick with. This picture shows what they look like

De-stress Aromatherapy Balm


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I am so happy for this because it is vary calming especially the smells
And beautiful outside

5 out of 5

It is super calming and the sent perfect 🤩 thank you so much for sharing this beautiful calming stick

S J Hall

I am currently using de-stress inside my daily face masks (my daughter has cancer) and am finding it so helpful in what is the most stressful and distressing situation.

De stress balm

I absolutely love de stress balm. I don’t know how but it works for me. The fragrance is so soothing and calming. It has become a daily ritual for me to use this balm in the afternoons and evenings, when you want to feel relaxed and peaceful. Packaging is also very nice and eco friendly. Love it.

Ruth Barlow
Perfect for your pocket

Easy to use whilst at work or traveling. Also for those who work in health or the care sector these can be great to pop under your nose to disguise smells without being too overpowering.

How to apply


100% Natural ingredients

Sustainably sourced

Re-use. Re-purpose. Recycle.

Sustainability & Scentered

Scentered’s whole team are constantly tasked with looking for progressive improvements across the company, not least the impact on the environment. We recently got in touch with all tea companies across the UK to find out what happens with all of their tea bag cut off waste.

One company explained that only 1% of their waste ends up in landfill, and now we are happy to announce that this 1% now sits with us, as we use it to turn into stuffing for our packaging.