Everything You Need For The Perfect Pamper Evening

bath session with essential oils

After a long day at work, it is all too easy to get in your pyjamas, sit down on the sofa, watch Netflix, and fall asleep until your alarm wakes you up the next morning.

This tempting routine, which feels relaxing at the time, can leave you waking up groggy and even more tired than before. With these tips, you can break this vicious cycle and turn your home into a luxury paradise, perfect for hosting your very own pamper evening, ready for some ‘me time’.

Follow these steps that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed, ready to start your week...

Step 1: Get Comfortable

The first step of any perfect pamper evening is getting comfy. When you get home from work, put your hair up, take off your bra, and put on your favourite pyjamas and comfiest slippers. Taking off your work clothes as this can help you to leave the workday at the door along with any worries.

Step 2: Set The Mood With Aromatherapy

Now that you are comfy yourself, the next step is turning your home into a tranquil paradise with a calming atmosphere. To do this, set the tone with candles (lots of them!). Scentered’s DE-STRESS Home Aromatherapy Candles are perfect for this, as they not only cast a relaxing glow throughout your home, but their pleasant aromas stimulate receptors in the nose that send signals to the brain to relax and aid de-stressing. The main fragrance notes that this candle releases is Chamomile, a scent synonymous with relaxation. What could be more perfect for your pamper evening?

If you want to take your ‘me time’ to the next level, set the mood with tranquil music to create that feeling of a spa in your own home. Alternatively, and dependent on your personal taste, any music you find relaxing will do perfectly and will allow you to tailor the ‘perfect’ pamper evening for yourself.   

Step 3: Don’t Forget Your Pamper Evening Snacks

Pampering yourself does not have to be limited to pampering the outside of your body but can include the inside as well! Resist the urge to order that take-away you’ve been daydreaming about, and instead test out that recipe you’ve had saved on your phone for months. Use fresh ingredients that are full of colour and packed with vitamins to start your evening off feeling cleansed on the inside too. 

Step 4: Run Yourself A Bath 

Bring all of your lit DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Candles and music into the bathroom and run yourself a warm bubble bath, the most relaxing bath essentials. The benefits of a warm bath are endless, including deep muscle relaxation and soothing for your skin.

The aromatherapy from the candles and the peace of only the sound of your chosen music is the ideal addition to your perfect pamper evening. Whilst you are in the bath, why not give yourself a scalp massage and your skin and exfoliating scrub? This combination will not only leave you feeling rejuvenated but deeply relaxed. 

Step 5: Now Comes The Fun Part-Pamper Yourself!

Feeling good on the inside oftentimes comes hand in hand with feeling good on the outside. Now that your skin is freshly exfoliated, and especially if you have shaved in the bath, moisturizing is essential for putting back the moisture in your skin.

So spoil yourself with your favourite lotion and lather yourself up. If you are feeling especially fancy, painting your nails can be just as relaxing. As you are doing your nails apply the DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Balm to your wrists and breathe in the relaxing scents and make your nails look as gorgeous as you feel!


Step 6: Relax Your Mind

Now that you are completely and thoroughly relaxed, if you can, resist sleep for a little while longer and pick up your favourite book. Avoiding looking at a screen for an hour before bed and reading a hard copy helps you sleep better and get better quality rest.

Turn off your phone, make sure those candles are lit and settle in with a good book for the night. Rubbing Scentered’s SLEEP WELL Aromatherapy Balm onto your skin will truly set you up for the deepest and most relaxing night's sleep, releasing lavender scents with your body temperature as you move during the night. 

After your perfect pamper evening, you will wake up feeling refreshed, and relaxed, with soft skin, gorgeous nails and ready to take on the week. Try having a pamper evening once a week, as a perfect reset for your body to keep you at your best all week. If however, you do not have time or you want to take a little piece of your pamper evening into your daily life, try using the Scentered’s DE-STRESS Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm on your pulse points whenever you are feeling stressed, anxious, or just in need of some calming aromatherapy. Scentered’s balms come in a variety of scents so you can find one that works best for you and you find is most synonymous with relaxation. They come in a handy travel size too, perfect to keep in your handbag on the go!