One Man's Experience Of Aromatherapy

aromatherapy for men

Written by Volker Ballueder

What effect does Aromatherapy have on Men?

When thinking about this topic, I was wondering where to start. What a lot of people don’t know is that I have a great interest in aromatherapy and truly believe that the use of essential oils for health reasons is very beneficial.

Whether that is to ease stress, anxiety and depression or to boost the feeling of relaxation; if you want to improve your sleep or ease types of pain. There are so many uses of aromatic oils. For many years I have been using a pillow spray I was given in a hotel for free once, in order to sleep better when I am sleeping away from home. It helps me to relax at the end of the day and find peace and calm before I fall asleep. I don’t have a problem sleeping, just the opposite. I can sleep anywhere to be honest, but having this familiar scent on my pillow makes it easier in non familiar environments.


Positive Scent Association

Smell brings back memories to us. If you think about the home you grew up in, and maybe Christmas, you unlock memories based on the smell of cookies being made or freshly baked bread. A trick, if you want to sell your house, is to freshly brew coffee or bake before the prospects enter as they will feel at home. Have you ever tried that? Next time be consciously aware of what smells do to you and how they jog your memory and bring you back to those ‘good times’.

It never crossed my mind to not use essential oils as a man. After all we even got beard oil just for men, a mixture of oils easing the dry skin and irritation of when you grow out your beard. We are too often stereotyped and think essential oils are only for women. Yet, if you think about it, your cologne, aftershave or eau de toilette has essential oils in them. I am a total sucker for nice smelling soaps and shower gels; the collection of shower gels actually drives my wife crazy.


How can men use aromatherapy?

I also use an oil diffuser in my office for a variety of reasons. Personally, I enjoy peppermint to keep me focused and on track when I am working, similar to Scentered's FOCUS Balm, with its extract of mint. It fosters my productivity. But then things like Sandalwood or Oak scents are just comforting, and makes me feel more grounded. Did you know that Frankincense eases anxiety, slows the breath and brings a sense of calm to stressful situations? Grapefruit is refreshing and energising, a sure way to lift your mood, and one of the reasons it is included in Scentered's HAPPY Balm.

When I take a bath I mix a few drops of essential oils in, just to relax, and feel better, de-stress or feel comforted after a long run. Have you tried using them in the sauna too?


aromatherapy for men

Whatever the reason is for you to explore essential oils, don’t be put off by them. Scentered's, their little Aromatherapy Balms are a lifesaver. Just when you start feeling overwhelmed, tired and close to burning out, I use their DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Balm and take a few deep breaths with it. It really helps.