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Scentered have been delighted to work with a number of organisations to help support wellbeing at work. With the shift of work place working, we can work with any organization to ensure that everyone no matter where they work; at home, in an office or on a hybrid basis, receives the same experience.

If you need help with:

- Wellbeing programmes

- Retention strategies

- Customer loyalty programmes

- Employee care packages or gifting for celebrations

We have a range of products and collections.

Wellbeing at work

For more information on our Christmas and Holiday gift collections including desk drop click here or check out our gifts, we can create bespoke wellbeing boxes for you and contact us for prices when ordering in multiples.

Looking at wellbeing at work differently:

Why not consider stocking aromatherapy on the go in your café’s and restaurants? A more impactful wellbeing boost than a chocolate bar!

Wellbeing boosts in the meeting rooms, a dose of Focus Aromatherapy balms can add wonders to a mid afternoon slump.

Hotels & Spa's

Our founder Lara has worked in hospitality for most of her life, founding and running one of the most successful amenity companies in the world, so we are sure we can help you ensure the perfect guest experience that focusses on wellbeing and helping to create a memorable stay but in a  sustainable way.

Get in touch to discuss turndown, options for spa, guest gifts, there are a multitude of touch points!

Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

We have been delighted to work with some fantastic gym partners, including David Lloyd and Equinox


We can produce bespoke and branded products and packaging or perhaps include personalized handwritten notes to team members?

If you have an idea, do get in touch, if you’re not sure what to do, get in touch and we can help find a solution to fit budget.


We work with likeminded retailers and salons to offer portable wellbeing to customers wherever they need us, a great till point pick up purchase or perhaps a meaningful gift for somebody, our range of products meets many retailer needs.

Proudly partnered with


We are on hand to support you in way we can we in person or virtual trainings, wellbeing techniques and content for your customers and employees.

Become an Ambassador

If you are looking to build a business in the wellbeing space but don’t have the premises/capital to buy stock, why not consider becoming an affiliate, we work with the fantastic Avelon whom you can sign up with here


is at the heart of our brand, you can learn more here… 

Wellbeing at Work

According to a report by Deloitte, poor mental health costs UK employers between £33 billion and £42 billion each year, with over half of this cost resulting from presenteeism (employees attending work but performing at reduced productivity levels) and absenteeism. These figures highlight the significant financial impact of mental health issues in the workplace and the potential savings that can be achieved by investing in wellbeing initiatives.