Find Out How Team Scentered Stay Rested and Alert Whilst Travelling

scentered mini balms
We're a small team, but boy do we love to travel. Whether it's heading back to our family home on the coast of England, or enjoying late night cocktails with our friends, during long weekends in the heart of Chicago. 

We've asked Scentered's Marketing Executive Nadine, her top tips whilst travelling, to allow her to feel at her best whilst exploring new surroundings.

I love travelling and take any opportunity I can to explore new places around the world. I'm originally from Brazil, so travelling has always been a huge part of my life as I try to go home and visit family once a year. 

On long haul flights, I have a routine I like to follow, to keep me feeling myself and ready for my holiday once I arrive. The night before I travel, I apply my Sleep Well Therapy Balm half an hour before I go to sleep. (This is no different to my normal routine, as I apply this every night before I sleep anyway!) I love the smell of Lavender, it instantly tells my brain that it's time to wind down. I also like to plan my travelling outfit the night before, so I'm not anxious about what to wear in the morning and it give me more time to relax and enjoy my breakfast before I need to leave.

On the day I'm due to travel, I usually apply my Be-Happy balm, especially if I've got an early morning flight. I'm not a morning person, so this is my go-to awakening savour. It's also a great alternative to my usual caffeine fix, as I like to avoid caffeine before travelling, to avoid dehydration. To make sure I stay hydrated during my travels, I often take an empty reusable water bottle (personal favourite is my Swell bottle), which the crew are more than happy to fill up during the flight.

Although I travel all the time, I am a bit of a nervous flyer, especially if I'm by myself. To keep me feeling calm, I listen to my favourite playlist or audio book. I also love using my Scentered mini therapy balms. I keep the tin in my carry on bag and apply my favourite balm during the flight. The fresh scent along with a few deep breaths, completely resets how I feel. It always amazes me, how breathing has such a huge impact on how you're feeling.

mini balm for anxious travellers
When I arrive at my destination whether it's a hotel or family home, I love to bring along my favourite Escape travel candle. It's the perfect size to fit in my luggage, so I know I can take it anywhere with me. Apart from leaving my luggage smelling amazing even before lighting it, the scent instantly feels the room and puts me at ease. The scent reminds me of being at home whilst on holiday, but reminds me of my holiday when I light it again when I'm at home. I love that I can capture special occasions with a scent.

My final tip would be to make a short list before you travel, of all the things you hope to do, see and achieve on your trip. Whether it's work related or a holiday, sometimes when we're in unfamiliar surroundings, we can easily loose track of the things we set out to do and only remember when we return home. This should help you make the most of your trip.

Happy travels!