Wanderlust with Holiday Philips

Wanderlust Holiday Philips

How often do you find yourself lusting over images of beautiful white sand beaches, breathtaking mountain top views or remote villages on the other side of the world? The urge to travel and wander, is in most of us. We look for the freedom to explore the world and absorb the culture of new surroundings as a means of Escape and sometimes self-discovery.

Our Scentered Ambassador Holiday Phillips admits to having insatiable wanderlust and, having travelled through nearly 50 countries, she has made the most important discovery of all.

“I guess I’m what people would call a “seeker” - always looking to learn, explore and discover - to find myself. Some of my most life-changing moments have taken place at some far flung corner of the world. I met my now best friend on a beach in Thailand and the love of my life on a retreat in the mountains of Peru.

I’ve always found that there’s something about being away from your ‘normal’ life that makes you feel more like you than ever. However, after years of trying to find myself out there, the penny dropped and I realised that through meditation and using your breath, everything worth knowing can be found in the single moment of sitting in silence. That’s where you truly find yourself. Travel is amazing, and I’ll never stop exploring, but the most worthwhile journey is the journey inside.”

Head over to Holiday's website to find out more about her experiences as a life-long seeker and how she uses meditation to raise the consciousness of the world. 

If you had the opportunity to travel, where in the world would you go?