The Scentered Travel Essentials Duo - your perfect travel companion this summer

Travel Essentials duo

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Travel Essentials Duo, helping both holidaymakers and travellers to stay centred, both en route and on arrival.

The duo is comprised of our all natural Sleep Well and Focus balms, both harnessing the power of essential oils in a travel-friendly, no-spill formula.

The Sleep Well balm combines 14 different essential oils in an oriental floral lavender fragrance designed to help relax the body, clear the head and quieten the mind for restful, restorative sleep.

Travel Essentials Duo

The Focus balm on the other hand is formulated to fight travel fatigue naturally. The refreshing herbal blend combines rosemary leaf, peppermint and clary sage to awaken the senses and focus the mind. It can be used as an alternative to caffeine for beating the mid-afternoon energy dip as well as jet-lag.

Combined the two balms should ease your journey wherever the destination and help even the most nervous of flyers to sit back and relax. Purchase yours here.