Sustainability & Scentered

The Scentered team strives to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do. We look for the best ways to make products with the least possible impact on the environment; from the sourcing of ingredients through to the shape of packaging, taking the freight impact of raw materials all the way through to disposal.


All Scentered packaging is carefully designed and considered so it can be repurposed, reused or recycled. We aim to take from already recycled materials, such as our 100% recycled plastic bottles used for our body and hair care products, or by simply utilising naturals with a sustainable source.

Things we consider in the choices we make are:

The shape of the packaged product, the way we print the packaging to minimise the use of any non recyclable products. We avoided the use of foil print which challenges recycling; we also consider the need for any dying and varnishing of card and paper.

We minimise outer packaging and over-packaging, using boxes that can be re-purposed or recycled, and we reuse all bubble wrap and outer boxes we can.

We consider and understand the materials used in all of our products and whether these can be made from PCR plastic (post-consumer recycled) or already recycled paper. We utilise shredded paper that is already recycled, and off cuts from the creation of tea bags to protect our products.

When you open your package it is important to us that they arrive safely in one piece and they are a joy to open but at the same time haven’t been extensively over packaged and wrapped leading to additional unnecessary waste.

What's our next step in making Scentered more sustainable?

We are now working on ways of repurposing the heavy-duty and very solid cardboard roll tubes that support the paper of the teabag to see how we can use those, alongside reviewing all stages of our product journey from blending to sending to
the customer.

Scentered’s whole team are constantly tasked with looking for progressive improvements across the company, not least the impact on the environment so the launch of a refill option for our bestselling De-stress and Sleep Well aromatherapy balms and candles is an important step forward for us.

Our refills mean less packaging, less cost and a more sustainable and affordable product for you.

Our balm refills were ready to launch in a much shorter time than our candles! Creating a natural, plant based wax candle that is robust enough to travel well, have all the merits of our standard candles and be vegan friendly was a slightly bigger challenge!

We are delighted to say that we succeeded in using a blend of vegetable oils to form a hard wax base for our essential oil blends. The refill candles have been packaged in a compostable cup printed with vegetable inks which break down into non-toxic particles when put through industrial composting.

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