Stress Relief Candles: How Do They Work?

Scentered de-stress aromatherapy candle

Life is wonderful and full of great things, but it can be fast-paced and stress-inducing. Especially if you are juggling many plates, this could be from work, being a parent, trying to fit in some ‘me-time’ or just from general tasks, such as trying to keep up personal hygiene  or clean the house.

Sometimes it can feel as though there just are not enough hours in the day to achieve it all and typically the first plate to fall is looking after yourself. But the issue with this is, that you need to be okay and functioning for everything else to be running smoothly in your life. Your car can’t run on no petrol, and you can’t run without that much needed self-care. After all, you should be your main priority because this is the only way to be present for the people around you and them what they need.


Why Is It Important To  De-Stress?

Natural stress relief has become popular in the western world but has been around for centuries in eastern medicine and practices. Aromatherapy is a way to practice the art of de-stressing, it can help you to relax and be in the present moment, seeping into your mind and body.

An easy and effective way to start your journey of relaxation is to use stress relief candles. When you walk into your home light one and wait for the aroma to fill the air. Kick-off your shoes and just be in the moment.

The effects of calming candle scents can be an amazing and easy way to filter some self-care into your day and the best part is it takes no time at all.

When it gets late into the evening you can light a lavender-scented candle as it is well known for its healing properties when it comes to guiding you into a relaxing night’s sleep.


Here are some ways to switch off and relax, washing away your stress:


  1. Move Your Body

Gentle movement is a great way to help you unwind and enjoy your evening. This could be practicing yoga, even if it is for twenty minutes. Pop on some comfy clothes, light a candle and do a few sun salutations then relax in savasana.

Yoga is a great way to bring your mind, body, and soul back into alignment and to enjoy being in the moment, forgetting about what had stressed you out at work or being stuck in the rain on your early commute.


     2. Be At One With Yourself

If you have been on your feet all day then maybe the last thing you want to do is get into a downward dog and stretch your legs. Mediation is another great way to align the mind and body without movement.

You can simply sit on the sofa, close your eyes, and practice some mindful deep breathing. You’ll be surprised how lighter you will feel if you consistently practice this every day even if it is just for ten minutes.


     3. Do Something That Brings You Joy

Maybe you need some ‘me time’ so read your favourite book or the one that has been on your TBR (to be read list, if you didn’t know!) for months that you haven’t made the time to read or have a hot bath. 

You could even go wild and light a candle and read a book in the bath! Regardless of what you choose to do, make sure it is something that is purely for you and will bring you some peace.


    4. Practice Mindfulness

Light a relaxing candle and practice the art of mindfulness. Consciously being grateful and in the moment, this isn’t meditation, this is just being at one with yourself and finding precious moments of calm in the madness of life.

Incorporating practices and rituals into your life will help to minimise the levels of stress in your life, helping you to feel lighter and relaxed. You can do anything that brings you joy and peace, even if it is lighting one of our de-stressing candles after a long day and enjoying a hot cup of tea.