Benefits Of Spearmint Essential Oil

spearmint plant

Spearmint is often thought of as a refreshing, invigorating herb usually associated with chewing gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash, but that’s just the beginning. In fact, this perennial plant has a multitude of surprising essential oil benefits. So, if you’ve not included spearmint in your aromatherapy repertoire, you’d better add it in!

Benefits of Spearmint

Spearmint, with its sweet, distinctive minty flavour is often used in cooking or as a garnish because it enhances pretty much everything, including sauces, salads, dips, smoothies, drinks, as well as mains. The lush, broad, green leaves also dress food up, making it look wonderfully fresh and attractive. 

Another way that spearmint is used is by drinking it as a tea and you’ll often find a combination of peppermint and spearmint within herbal mint tea. This is perfect for consuming after a rich, heavy meal because spearmint eases digestion and upset tummies by reducing muscle contractions in the digestive tract. This means it’s also used to ease bloating, cramping, flatulence, constipation, and other digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome. Some women also swear by spearmint to help relieve nausea or morning sickness. 

Spearmint’s cooling effect on nerves and muscles also means that it’s used in topical treatments for muscular aches and pains, headaches, and migraines. It also has known antibacterial properties, not only harnessed for disinfectants, but also in treating infection, promoting wound healing, and tackling skincare issues. And as if that’s not enough, this mighty herb also has potent decongestant action which is why it can be found in cold preparations and sometimes used to treat asthma or respiratory issues. 

It’s clear that spearmint can help with many physical conditions, but when distilled and made into an essential oil, this wonder herb can positively impact on our mental health too. Bizarrely, spearmint scent is a bit of a contradiction since it has a strong, refreshing smell which is why it’s invigorating and used as a mind-clearing herb to help focus the mind. 

Conversely, Menthol, which is a powerful component of spearmint, has a sedative, calming effect on the mind and body so this is useful for anyone suffering stress, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, or any mental health issue.

Scentered HAPPY Aromatherapy Blend

Who doesn’t want to start the day, feeling happy, energised, and positive? Our HAPPY blend brings a spot of sunshine to your life, no matter the season, weather, or circumstances. It’s a refreshing, citrus scent that includes spearmint essential oil to clear and balance the mind, uplifting grapefruit essential oil and wonderful lemon myrtle essential oil to energise the mind. All in all, it’s a cleverly blended quartet of premium essential oils that together, instantly invoke a positive mindset. 

It’s so easy to apply the HAPPY Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm to pulse points like your wrist, neck, and temples. Once applied to the skin, take a pause, and breathe the scent in slowly and deeply three times. This ensures that the powerful mood-enhancing essential oils contained within our aromatherapy balms take the fast track through your nose and olfactory nerve to your brain’s emotional centre, aka the Limbic System. That’s when the magic happens, and your mood resets. Not to mention that the balm which contains soothing moringa oil also feels lovely and nourishing as the solidified oils melt into the skin.

If balms don’t float your boat, try lighting the beautiful HAPPY Wellbeing Travel Aromatherapy Candle whilst you take your morning shower or during breakfast. Scentered therapeutic candles are ideal for a deeper, more immersive experience so you can even burn one whilst you’re doing a morning meditation or experiencing a burst of exercise? Made with 100% natural oils, these elegant candles have been expertly and lovingly made using a custom blend of natural waxes for a clean burn and unbelievably attractive and alluring natural fragrance. 

We recommend using the gorgeous sunny HAPPY blend when you wake up in the morning to feel reinvigorated and ready to tackle the day ahead, at times of fatigue, low mood, and depression, or anytime you’d like to increase positivity, and feel uplifted. 

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