Aromatherapy Balms vs Pillow Mists

woman applying balm to her wrist

At Scentered, we do not claim to be the gurus on all things sleep, but of course we are just a little biased towards our portable highly travel friendly balm that packs a punch when it comes to the sleep stakes. So, why do we think our SLEEP WELL Aromatherapy Balm is so special and why do we think it is so much better than any of the sleep sprays on the market?  

The term ‘pillow spray’ or ‘pillow mist’ gets searched four times as often as ‘sleep balm’! Lavender pillow mists are a popular item that you will see on many bedside tables. But have you ever considered the benefits of using a sleep balm in its place?

Here’s our thoughts from our dedicated followers and members of our team on using a sleep balm over a pillow spray. 

1. Travel friendly

One of the main reasons we love using our Sleep Balm over a pillow spray of mist, is they are highly travel friendly. Travelling can be one of the biggest causes of sleeplessness. Does anyone else struggle as much as I do to fall asleep on a plane?! Sleep Balms are a solid, twist up balm that means you can pop it in your travel carry on without having to worry about getting caught out going through security, or having a liquid spray ‘pop’ under pressure and cover your fellow traveller.

2. Mess free

Another one of our favourite things about our balms is they are completely mess free! No mess, no fuss, not wet and no drips. There will be no more wet pillows (a definite downside to sleep sprays!) and your SLEEP WELL Balm also won’t stain your beautiful pyjamas or bedding. 

3. More bang for your buck

When it comes to sleep balms, a little goes a long way. Unlike pillow mists which are watered down, sleep balms are a concentrated formulation that is packed with beneficial ingredients other than just lavender. Our balms are formulated with patchouli, clove and ylang ylang to name a few, creating a modern twist on the fragrance. 

Our sleep balm will also carry you through many restful nights. One of our Mini Balms can last up to 30 applications! Unlike water-based sprays which evaporate very quickly, your balm will leave a beautifully lingering fragrance through the night. 

4. Concentrated application

Sleep spray will also spritz a fragrance over your entire bedding with a wide ‘targeted area’ creating additional wastage. A sleep balm on the other hand, gives you the option for a truly directed application, exactly where you need it. 

5. Easy to reapply 

If you are using a humidifier to fill your room with sleep inducing essential oils, there always runs the risk of it running out during the night. Nothing will pull you out of your slumber like having to get up and refill it every couple of hours. With a sleep balm, you can easily pop it under your pillow for easy reapplication during the night. No worrying about it leaking either.

6. Part of a sleep ritual

There is nothing calming or stress reducing about pumping away at a spray bottle. Instead, applying a sleep balm to your pulse points can be used alongside our mantra, STOP INHALE RESET. This simple ritual can form part of your night-time ritual to help you relax and take a moment for yourself.


So there you have it, a few reasons why we think your money is better spent and invested in our SLEEP WELL Balms instead of a pillow mist. P.S. An extra little tip, apply a little SLEEP WELL under your nose when retiring at night to gain a double whammy of the benefits of our slumber inducing ingredients. 

Not only do our balms help with sleep but they can also help with FOCUS if you need to concentrate and be on the ball, or just need to ESCAPE. Recently, I have started applying DE-STRESS on the inside of my facial mask covering whilst out and about. We are sure we all find that stressful enough (god bless the NHS and essential workers who have to wear one eight hours plus a day!). The calming essential oils work a treat and in general makes you more conscious about breathing and taking time to regroup your thoughts and actions.