Reiki and Aromatherapy

reiki and aromatherapy

What does Reiki do?

Reiki and aromatherapy essential oils complement each other in so many ways. The whole purpose of Reiki is to bring the body back into balance. The body has 7 chakras, these are the body’s energy centres, think of them as spinning vortexes, the body’s very own turbo chargers. As well as the chakras the body’s energy is carried along the meridians, nadi channels and the aura that surrounds us. 

Aromatherapy oils are excellent for relaxing the mind and bringing calmness to an environment, for instance if you have a sinus problem, eucalyptus combined with Reiki works wonders to bring the body back into balance. During Reiki treatments there are many ways to introduce aromatherapy oils, they can be rubbed on the palms of the hands, scented burners or scent sprayed near you. 

What is Reiki and aromatherapy good for?

Reiki can benefit back pain, when there is pain in the back caused by tight or strained muscles. The pain and discomfort comes from blocked energy channels, the flow of the body’s Chi is inhibited or blocked. Combining essential oils such as Peppermint, lemongrass or Wintergreen which are all natural analgesics and have anti-inflammatory properties, makes a powerful treatment to promote good health.

What is aromatherapy and how does it help Reiki?

Essential oils have strong scents that can link the present to our past, igniting our core primal Instincts linking us back to significant moments in our lives. This is called aromatherapy. Before you start Reiki, smell a selection of oils before and choose one that perhaps appeals to you because it reminds you of a past pleasurable experience or childhood memory, to bring even more pleasure and relaxation during your Reiki treatment experience.

A Reiki session combined with aromatherapy essential oils can be an unbelievably relaxing session. Many people literally become so relaxed that they can be in a near state of deep sleep and need to be gently woken up after the session has finished.

Getting to know your Chakras

To get a deeper understanding of the relationship between Reiki and Aromatherapy we must understand that the chakras are the body’s way of regulating organ function and keeping the immune system healthy. If your chakras are out of balance your immune system will not be as effective, and you will be more susceptible to bad health and disease. Each chakra has its own colour and vibration frequency. 

What is a vibration frequency? 

First the body is made up of molecules, we may look solid, but we are just molecules that are constantly vibrating creating different frequencies around the body. The average human body has a frequency of about 62 to 75 MHz, if you are feeling unwell you will probably find your vibrational frequency is running lower than 62 MHz. The higher your vibrational frequency the better and healthier you will feel.

Just as Reiki can stimulate the chakras to improve emotional and physical state so can aromatherapy oils, by applying the right essential oils to the chakra areas this can also work in harmony with traditional Reiki treatments. The scents from essential oils can stimulate the amygdala part of your brain in different ways, certain scents and smells can lift your mood improving you on an emotional level which in turn affects your physical health in a positive way. 

Using Reiki to treat emotions health troubles

When a person is depressed or carries fear and anxiety about them it is called toxic stress and it carries detrimental consequences to their wellbeing. The amygdala activates the limbic system with fight, flight, or pleasure. When you are fearful the limbic system floods the body with adrenaline, which puts you in a state of high alert. By using aromatherapy oils and scents such as rosemary, lavender and frankincense instead of releasing adrenaline which eventually becomes toxic to the body, it can release endorphins which act as natural pain relief and activate the pleasure centres of the brain to give you that feel good factor.

A Reiki session combined with essential oils can be one of the most relaxing experiences of your life.