Get to know our #scenteredsoulmate

Stylon Nylon

This week, the Scentered team caught up with one of our favourite bloggers, Julia Rebaudo, known to the blogosphere as, Stylon Nylon. Julia is a freelance journalist turned blogger and quickly won us over with her beautiful sense of style and uninque aesthetic. As you browse her blog you will find outfit posts, travel reviews, as well as shopping and eating guides and we have been known to spent hours on there getting inspired.

Our favourite feature on Julia’s blog is her weekly ‘Sunday Edit’, showcasing her favourite well-being discoveries and we were more than delighted to be included in her most recent round, with our very own Scentered’s Sleep Well balm and Lavender candle!

Being an all round positive and creative force to be reckoned with, we jumped at the chance of getting to know Julia a little better and were delighted when we could grab five minutes with her to find out what makes her world go round (and remain centered)!

Sleep candle

Julia, where is your happy place?

I am such a homebird, so curled up in bed with a good book!

You are “Instagram famous” which inevitably means feeling the pressure of getting likes all the time - how do you get away from it all and manage to stay centred?

I try to remind myself of the real value of being offline and analogue, and that it’s not necessary to be on my screen all the time! I try and do half an hour of yoga every day, make sure to give myself a full day off Instagram at the weekend, read ‘real’ print books and play the piano.

Have you got a daily night-time routine?

Yes! It’s a little bit embarrassing. I created a 10-minute winddown stretching routine from a magazine article which I was 16, and I still do it every night!

What’s your favourite way to use Scentered?

Just before I pull my eyepatch down over my eyes I rub Scentered balm on my wrist and neck and take a long, slow breath in.

What would you tell your younger self today?

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

What do you do to keep the winter blues away?

More and more these days I believe in the effect of nutrition on our moods, and as much as I love powering through a tub of ice cream when blue, nowadays I try and counteract that with green juice and turmeric lattes, followed up by loads of silly dancing in the kitchen to all our favourite 80s popsongs!

And lastly any words of wisdom?

Feeling rockbottom is usually a sign that things are about to pick up again. Life is swings & roundabouts!