Aromatherapy for Men: Beginners Guide

aromatherapy for men

In the past Men have played a huge role in aromatherapy, with the term 'aromatherapy’ even being coined by the male French chemist Rene-Maurice. It is reported that Nero, the Roman Emperor also used rose oil to lift his spirits, relieve indigestion and cure his headaches. In Chinese and Indian cultures, both men and women have long used essential oils as medicine, the Romans and Greeks practiced aromatherapy and ancient Egyptians used plant oils as perfumes for both men and women too. 

However, in recent years the term ‘aromatherapy’ and ‘essential oils’ have been synonymous with femininity and floral scents, predominantly being used by women. However, aromatherapy is not strictly for women, it is inclusive and can be used to help improve the mental health of anyone that is curious enough to try it.

Whatever your gender identity, we are here to break the stereotypes associated with aromatherapy and encourage men and every other gender identity to experience the powerful benefits of essential oils. Every gender can take full advantages of the physical, emotions and physiological benefits that comes with incorporating aromatherapy into your daily ritual. 

If you are curious about aromatherapy, or you’re looking for an all natural way to boost your mental health, we have created this Beginners Guide on aromatherapy for men and anyone else looking to delve into the world of essential oils….

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of natural plant extracts as part of a holistic healing treatment used to promote well-being and mental health. Inhaling the powerful scents of essential oils can have real benefits for us mentally, emotionally and physically. 

How to Use Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy can be used in many different ways including facial steamers, bathing salts, room sprays, body oils/lotions and face masks. Here at Scentered, two of our favourite ways to benefit from the healing powers of aromatherapy is through Candles and Balms

When it comes to mental health, men’s mental health is often overlooked. Everyone should feel like they are able to take a step back, take a deep breath and centre your mind. Here at Scentered we have created a Wellbeing Ritual that helps anyone take a moment for themselves, whilst also combining this with the power of essential oils. 

Scentered Wellbeing Ritual

Stop: If you feel  yourself becoming overwhelmed, stressed or in need of a pick-me-up. Simply stop what you are doing and either light one of our Scentered Candles or rub our Scentered Aromatherapy Balms onto your pulse points. 

Inhale: As the candle burns and warms the essential oils, or as your skin warms the balm, a gentle aroma will be released containing the powerful essential oils. Take a moment to close your eyes, lift the candle or your wrists up to your nose and inhale deeply. As you do this, visualise the mind state you wish to achieve in that moment. 

Reset: As you exhale, open your eyes and step into the next part of your day feeling reset and refocused. 

You can learn more about our Wellbeing Ritual here. 

How do you want aromatherapy to make you feel?

Aromatherapy can be used to aid your journey throughout your day, with different essential oils helping you in different moments. Here at Scentered we have created unique and custom blends, harnessing the powers of individual essential oils to help support men’s mental health in different ways.

HAPPY: Start your day using our HAPPY scent. The uplifting blend of citrus and mint will help you to start your day filled with positivity and a burst of energy.

FOCUS: As you start your tasks for the day, our FOCUS blend will help you to achieve mental clarity and boost concentration, excelling in whatever you put your mind to.

DE-STRESS: Our soothing DE-STRESS blend will help you to overcome any tense moments in your day and juggle everyday tasks with a calm mental state. 

ESCAPE: Use our ESCAPE scent to help you mentally switch from work to ‘me time’, whatever enjoyable activity that may be. 

LOVE: When you are settling down with the company of loved ones, inhale our LOVE aromatherapy blend to help you to feel more emotionally connected, or when you need a bit of self-care.

SLEEP WELL: At the end of the day, deeply inhaling our SLEEP WELL will help you to drift into a natural and restful sleep, to awaken well rested for the next day.

Together we can break the stereotype!