3 Warming Scents For Around The Home

person opening a scentered christmas present

The run up to the festive season can be stressful. You can find yourself working extra hard to be able to have a good time off during Christmas. Not to mention how expensive and time consuming getting everything ready can be. Filling your house with warming scents can be not only beneficial for you, but also extremely enticing if you are having guests over. In this article we will be exploring which scents you can put throughout your home which will make it both inviting for your guests but also allow for a relaxing atmosphere for your guests. 

ESCAPE Scent For Your Living Room

During the festive period, you may find yourself wanting to escape for a moment, leaving behind the mountain of wrapping, decorating and food preparation that you might have to do. Putting one of our ESCAPE candles into your living room can help you do just that. When it comes time to shift your gears from doing what you ‘have to do’ to doing what you ‘want to do’, this grounding blend instantly transports you mentally. Light the candle, sit back and allow this calming scent to fill your space with a sense of tranquillity as you regain control. 

If you’re looking for something to act fast, then implementing our ESCAPE Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm could be an even better option. If this Christmas period has got you running around from task to task and you can’t find any ‘me time’, having one of our aromatherapy balms handy could allow you to find your calm, no matter where you are. Simply place it on your wrists, back of your neck and temples, then inhale. Not to mention, these balms are completely mess free, so having one at the bottom of your bag is no problem. 

Giving the gift of calm can be ideal if you know someone who is also always on the go. Our ESCAPE Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm, also comes in this adorable bauble, which not only looks perfect on your tree but can make the quintessential present for that one stressed out person in your life. This packaging is made from high-quality metal and is consistent with our eco-conscious values in reducing unnecessary packaging while promoting the creative reusability of our packaging.

DE-STRESS Candle For Your Office

Next up, is how to de-stress in the space you work in. Like many of us, the year 2021 meant that we found ourselves working from home. Adding a candle to your home office, can add an element of relaxation as well as a warming scent which will waft throughout your whole house. A calming candle, such as our DE-STRESS Home Aromatherapy Candle, is made up of a remarkably soothing blend which can help you juggle more throughout your day. 

With limited weeks before we break for the festive season, you may find yourself more stressed than usual. Get back to enjoying this part of the year with a therapeutic candle, which is made with completely natural waxes, sustainably sourced and non-GM, with pure essential oils for a clean burn and natural fragrance.

Again, thinking of how stressed this time of year can make some people, we also have a I Want To DE-STRESS set, which is the perfect way to give someone you know the gift of calm. This kit comes with our DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Balm and a candle, which will help you bring a more composed energy into your home. 

SLEEP WELL Candle For Your Bedroom

Finally, we have the bedroom. After a long day of working hard before the festive season break, you can find yourself still wound up before going to bed at night. Of course, you can do all the normal tricks such as not seeing any blue light before bed, listening to calming music, drinking lots of water before bed so you don’t get up in the night thirsty. Whilst all of these are great ways to get a full night’s sleep, you can also focus on de-stressing and calming yourself before turning off the light at night. 

We recommend snuggling up with a good book and one of our SLEEP WELL candles. Not only will this scent lull you into a full night’s rest but also, it will fill your whole room with a warm, tantalizing scent. Made with a blend of palmarosa, lavender and ylang ylang, this candle will have you drifting off in no time at all.