What Does Relaxing Do To Your Limbic System

Women relaxing outdoors

Many people in their day to day lives forget to take the time out to look after themselves and relax after a long day. Most probably would not know where to start and even how to relax. It is so easy to go through the motions and before you know it you’ve brushed your teeth and you're turning off the light to get into bed without taking any ‘me time.’

To be the best and happiest version of yourself sometimes you need to hit pause and reset, to get a fresh mindset. 

What Is a Limbic System?

The human brain is amazing and complex. The power it holds is insurmountable but although it has been widely researched, still so little is actually known about how it functions. But one thing is for certain your limbic system is exceptional, and you rely on it every day, it kicks into gear when you are in fight or flight mode, maybe someone is giving you a tough time at work, this is when your limbic system steps up and helps to regulate your emotions ad responses.

The limbic system has been called the ‘emotional brain,’ it helps you to regulate your emotions and is the part of the brain that controls your behavioural and emotional responses.

What Are The Effects Of Relaxing On Your Limbic System?

Relaxing and Calming your limbic system allows you to go through life with a sense of ease, as you are in control of your emotions and behaviours.

Simply being present and aware of your limbic system’s responses, will lead to making conscious and measured decisions. Sometimes if you don’t take a moment to restore the balance within yourself then you can act out of character or run with your emotions.

The effects of relaxing your limbic system will help to shape a more present and positive version of yourself. Your stress levels will balance out, you will be able to be rational and level-headed, and your emotional responses will align with yourself and the situation. 

How Does Relaxing Help Cognitive Ability?

Taking the time to reset and relax, can reduce high stress and anxiety levels. Allowing you to function in a rational and calm manner in any situation. 

Some ways to help relax are by using aromatherapy. This is a powerful way to help centre your mind and relax.

You can do this by taking a hot bath to unwind and wash away the day. This can help you to align with yourself and your thoughts, giving you a fresh mindset for the next day.

Practice the art of meditation, sit in a comfy chair, light a candle and be at one with your thoughts.

Move your body, go out and be in nature. Breathe in the fresh air, leave your phone at home and be at peace, distraction-free, even if it is for half an hour.

Wake up early in the morning and start the day with a hot cup of tea. Prepare for the day in a mindful and positive way. If you are relaxed, and at ease then you are putting yourself in a great position to face anything the day may throw at you. 

Be prepared for any situation and carry an aromatherapy balm around with you. Then as soon as a stressful situation or moment passes, you can realign and take five to centre yourself.

 Find ways that work for you to relax your limbic system. Being present and relaxed is an art form not many people have taken the time to practice and hon. It is seen as being lazy or negative for some reason. But when you are faced with emotions that flood your system, you need to reset. You need to give your limbic system a break, to be at its peak fitness to help walk with you through the day and help deal with the many challenges you may face.