We are supporting International Women's Day

international womens day

March is Women’s History Month, and March 8th is International Women’s Day. This is a great time to celebrate and support women all over the world, and we are proud to support Women for Women International, with 10% of our net profit going to this fantastic cause. We partner with this charity because of the invaluable work they do with women in the most war torn places, helping them to build lives and futures for themselves and their families.

Women have often been written out of large chunks of history, forgotten or purposefully not included. Now, with the advent of the internet and social media, we are more powerful than ever to stand up and be known for our talents, our stories, our power. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we thought we’d share with you our favourite inspiring women to follow on social media. 


meditating woman
Jody Shield

Jody is doing brilliant things online right now. Her Facebook page describes her has an “inspirational speaker, author, healer, meditation ambassador” and she delivers on all of these fronts. With her Life Tonic live events, and a book due out soon, it’s all systems go - but she still manages to keep her social media ticking over with inspiring videos and images. 
You can find Jodie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


working woman

Rhiannon Lambert

Rhiannon Lambert is a Harley Street nutritionist, working with some of the world’s most influential people. She has a book out later this year, and fills her social media with examples of beautiful, healthy and nutritious meals. We love that Rhiannon practises what she preaches, and doesn’t advocate fad diets or bonkers crazes; no wonder she’s so successful.

You can find Rhiannon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
smiling woman

Camilla Dallerup

You may remember her from Strictly, and a rather public split with Brendan Cole. She’s now living in California and is a life and mindful living coach, hypnotherapist and meditation teacher. We love her because she didn’t let what happened with Brendan Cole define her life, and has taken that experience and reinvented her life - “Reinvent Me” is the title of her upcoming book, actually. She’s inspiring on so many different levels and relatable in a way a lot of people in this sector aren’t.

You can find Camilla on Twitter and Instagram.


woman laptop

Galina Achkasova-Portianoi

Galina is a Russian living in London, blogging at A Curious Russian in London. She’s a beauty and wellness consultant, as well as the mother of two children. Our Instagram guru Kerry says “I really enjoy reading what she has to say as it is thought-provoking and inspiring, but non-judgemental.”

You can find Galina on Twitter and Instagram.

smiling woman
Davina McCall

When you’re making a list of inspiring women on social media, you can’t not include Davina! She’s gone from drug addict to the face of Big Brother to fitness superstar/lifestyle guru. As well as releasing annual fitness dvds, she has a string of books to her name including a memoir released last year. And let’s not forget all those charity fitness challenges she takes part in as well. As you would expect, her social media is inspiring and uplifting.

You can find Davina on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


yoga woman

Annie Clarke

Annie is a yoga teacher and the founder of Mind Body Bowl, on a mission “to spread health and happiness.” What we love about her is that although she post beautiful photos on Instagram and brilliant content on Facebook and Twitter… she also uses Instagram Stories a lot, where she shares real life moments from her day. She’s vulnerable and honest about her life, and it’s a real peek behind the scenes.

You can find Annie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


smiling woman

Chalene Johnson

Chalene really is all-round lifestyle inspiration. She shares diet, lifestyle and fitness tips and videos, but also shares endless tips and inspiration for anyone running a business, or wanting to start one. She believes everyone should have what she calls a “side hustle” - a second stream of income, however small, and she shows how to achieve that in numerous different ways. 
As well as sharing all of this, there are also lots of funny videos of her being silly. Having almost run herself into the ground with her first business, she speaks a lot about wellbeing, getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself.

You can find Chalene on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We hope these women inspire you in all areas of your life. If you have a favourite who’s not on our list, do let us know - we love to follow inspiring women.