We all need more time...right?

Scentered aromatherapy balm
Introducing our latest product to join the Scentered range... Time Therapy Balm.

A beautiful fragrance of Thyme, Orange Zest and Peppermint to name a few. 100% natural, leaving your feeling awake, energised and most importantly... giving you more time in the day.

...We have a confession to make...
Sadly our Time Therapy Balm does not exist. April Fools!

We really wish it did, as we all need more time. Time seems to never be on our side. Sometimes leaving us feeling anxious, unbalanced and stressed. Often we find ourselves running around, trying to complete everything that we need to in the day, whether that's work, picking the kids up, going to the gym or doing the food shop and as a result, we often leave less time for ourselves.

The balance of making time for others and yourself is important to your well-being and managing your time correctly can help balance this out. Even taking a few minutes out of your day to take a breath, can make a huge difference to how you feel. That's exactly why we stand by our mantra of Stop, Inahle, Reset. It takes just a few minutes for you to reset your mood naturally, by applying your balm, taking a deep breath and exhaling.

Follow our breathing ritual to try it yourself.. wherever, whenever.

We suggest your start by standing feet hips width apart and your hands by your sides, but sitting down is also fine, just be comfortable.
    • Take three deep breaths in and out to the count of three. 
      • Next, move your hands onto your chest just below your throat and take three deep breaths to the count of three. 
        • Steadily move the hands onto the rib-cage. Tips of your middle fingers touching and thumbs below the start of your chest and take three more breaths. A gap should be created between your fingertips at the peak of your breath.
          • Follow on by your forefingers and create a triangle over your lower abdomen.
            • To finish breathe deeply in to the count of Four, and out to the count of Five. Do this a number of times.
              • When you are ready to take your breathing back to its normal pace, keep you hands in the most comfortable position to you and just take a moment to feel your space.
              We hope in doing this routine in your own time, you find some meaning in the way you breathe and have a tool to use when you need to reconnect with your centre.

              Stop, inhale, reset.