New Year's Resolutions from Scentered

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Our co-founders, Lara Morgan and Fay Pottinger, are both incredibly busy ladies juggling their work life with families just as so many of us do on a daily basis. Of course, at this time of year our thoughts go to making new year’s resolutions so we thought we’d share with your what our founders have resolved to do. 
Laura scenteredAs well as being our founder, Lara is an entrepreneur with around six companies with which she takes an active interest. As well as this she is a public speaker and has 3 children, a husband and two dogs - so just a little busy then! Lara has resolved that in 2017 she’ll follow her own advice by booking “grey time” into her schedule. 
This grey time is an appointment Lara makes with herself and slots into her daily schedule between meetings and appointments. She says: “grey time is so important to help me keep on track and stay aligned - it’s my space to think and review.” 
Lara uses our Escape balm when she’s on the move to calm her mind between appointments. At home, she lights one of our therapeutic candles - either De-Stress or Escape - to let the essential oils work their magic. This is something we can all learn from, isn’t it? 
Even for those of us who don’t have six businesses and a busy home life, it’s all too easy to get to the end of the week and feel frazzled and lost as a person. Booking an appointment with yourself and writing it in your diary might seem a bit over the top, but if you have that appointment written down, whether you spend that time reading or going for a walk, you’ll feel a lot better when the weekend comes. You don’t need to block out entire mornings or afternoons - unless you really want to, of course. A simple twenty- to thirty-minute block of time here and there through the week can work wonders so that when you get home in the evening, or Saturday morning rolls around, you’re ready to switch roles and become mum/wife/friend again.

Fay Pottinger is another very busy lady, often juggling parenting her 2 children with work on Scentered and a whole host of other commitments. Her resolution for 2017 comes in the form of a commitment to keep up a regular meditation practice. 
Rather than make the resolution and then struggle to actually find the time to meditate, Fay has decided to get up 30 minutes earlier each morning in order to create that extra time for meditation, using our Focus balm to help her. She says: “I know from experience how much better I function with a regular practice, and our stimulating peppermint and rosemary essential oil blend is a great way to start the day with a clear head and focused mind.” 
Faye scentered
For so many of us meditation seems like a nice idea, and we might feel the benefits when we experience a taste of meditation at an event or seminar - but it can feel really hard to come home and find the time every day to keep up with it. The only way to do this is to have a time set aside every day specifically for meditation. 
Fay has made a commitment to get up half an hour early every day in order to achieve her goal, meaning that she doesn’t have to try and find time elsewhere in the day. You might balk at the idea of setting your alarm even earlier than it already goes off, but think for a moment about the potential benefits of a regular meditation habit - you’ll probably find that the pros outweigh the cons on that one!

When it comes to establishing new habits, it’s really important to look at rituals and routines. For Lara this means getting into the habit of making sure her grey time is scheduled into her calendar every day, and using her Escape balm to set the mood for that time. For Fay it means setting her alarm and using her Focus balm to focus her mind ready to meditate. Aroma and mindfulness are a powerful combination when it comes to establishing and maintaining new habits. 
Over time both Lara and Fay will find that they associate the smell of their chosen balm with the need to chill out or to meditate - in the same way that certain smells from your childhood can bring back fond memories or make you think of a specific person.

When it comes to forming a new habit, those who will be successful are the ones who form rituals around the new habit - so rather than hope she gets some free time today, Lara is planning it in advance in her diary. Rather than hope a spare 30 silent minutes for meditation pop up during the course of the day, Fay is setting her alarm to ensure she gets that time.

If your resolution for 2017 involves making a new habit, try to form a ritual around that habit, and link in scent wherever you can to help you stick to it.

Don’t forget to share your 2017 goals and resolutions on social media using #MyScentered2017 and we’ll be there to support you along the way.