Aromatherapy Sleep Candle As Part Of Your Bedtime Routine

scentered candles on night table

Bedtime routines are highly underrated, if you ask us. So many people simply brush their teeth, wipe off their makeup, brush their hair and are ready to go to bed. Physically, you might be ready to go to bed but mentally, you’re still thinking about the day that has passed or you’re already planning for the next day. It can be difficult to unwind after a long, busy day filled with work and social activities. Where is the “me time”? By incorporating a bedtime routine into your evenings before going to bed, you can take a mindful, conscious moment to process the day, center your thoughts and unwind. Chances are high that you will fall asleep A LOT faster than you would normally!

Why is a bedtime routine important?

In today’s society, it can sometimes feel like there are no breaks allowed. Did you finish work early today? Of course not, we just keep going. Have you finished working? Let’s hang out with friends. Oops, lost track of time and before you know it, it’s 11 pm and it’s time to go to bed. Quickly brush your teeth and jump into bed. Time to get some sleep! Or not… we bet you’ve been in this position and that you were unable to fall asleep. Tossing and turning, thinking about a million things. You ask, why is a bedtime routine important? For this reason, it's necessary to switch off your mind and feel at peace. 

How to sleep better

There are endless things you could do or try to help you sleep better. We have found that having a bedtime routine with a couple of mindful steps, helps your body and mind to relax and fall into a deep, peaceful sleep. How exactly you fill in your bedtime routine is completely up to you. Perhaps your calming moment of the evening is practicing yoga, or reading a book, or painting for half an hour. Whatever you do, ensure that you’re mindful about the steps you’re taking, to make sure you’re winding down after your hectic day. 

Aromatherapy for sleep

Essential oils and aromatherapy have proven to be beneficial in many different areas, including improving your sleep. Lighting our SLEEP WELL Aromatherapy Candle as part of your bedtime routine can help you to fall asleep faster and sleep through the night without problems. Simply light the candle once you feel ready to unwind and get ready for bed, and the alluring blend of Lavender and Palmarosa will gradually make you feel more sleepy and relaxed. 

Sleep Well candle

During your bedtime routine, you can combine the candle with our SLEEP WELL Aromatherapy Balm that will intensify its relaxing working. Apply the balm directly onto your wrists, temples and neck and inhale the scent deeply. Try to visualise the state of mind you’d like to achieve in that moment, so most likely you will be focusing on feeling relaxed and sleepy. Next, deeply exhale and enjoy the benefits of our wellbeing ritual.