5 Ways To Put Yourself First

5 Ways To Put Yourself First

We’ve probably all faced times in our lives when we’ve put other people’s feelings first, sometimes it’s what we needed to do to better the situation, but other times we’re forgetting about ourselves, when really we need to be selfish and prioritise number 1.

Prioritising yourself is often easier said than done, it sounds easy, but putting your feelings at the forefront, setting boundaries and doing what will benefit you can leave us feeling guilty, and neglectful to others that we’ve left behind.

We’ve come up with 5 top tips on how to put yourself first, so you can reclaim your emotions and reconnect with yourself and your values - you deserve it!

1 - Express Yourself

Heightened stress and holding in your emotions can lead to burnout, feelings of exhaustion and extreme fatigue. It’s time to express yourself, if it’s work that’s getting you down, speak to a colleague, a family member or a friend. Setting a daily schedule can sometimes help too, outline all the things you need to achieve today (make it realistic) and check them off throughout the day, looking back at your daily achievements can show you just how great you really are.

Having a friend or partner to confide in can be a great asset in your life, and one that should be valued highly. There is no shame in expressing your emotions, both good and bad. If expressing your feelings isn’t something you’re used to, try writing them down on paper first, just getting them out of your head can help you feel like a weight has been lifted.



2 - Speak To Yourself Kindly

Think back to the last time you looked in the mirror, what was it that you said to yourself? As humans we can become focused on our flaws, but the things we say to ourselves we probably wouldn’t say to a friend or family member. But why? Be kind to yourself, if you wouldn’t say it to someone you care about don’t say it to yourself, try this out and feel the love you have for yourself grow.


3 - Set Boundaries

Think about your beliefs, hold your morals high and don’t settle for less. It’s easy to brush behaviours that don’t align with your moral compass under the carpet because the person is a friend or family member, but doing this can compromise who you are.

Stay strong and set boundaries, speak up when you feel uncomfortable or when things offend you. If speaking up makes you nervous then remove yourself from the situation, set your own boundaries and stick to them, don’t always compromise your values for others.

4 - Indulge In Self Care

This is something that is often related to women, but there’s no reason why men can’t indulge in a bit of self care, it doesn’t always have to mean a bubble bath, face mask and a manicure. Taking time out to relax, read, listen to music, take a bath, go for a walk or do whatever relaxes you is key.

If you struggle to relax try an aromatherapy balm or candle, the Escape Range from Scentered contains oud, frankincense and sandalwood essential oils which help you to relax and sink into ‘me time’. Simply light the ESCAPE Home Aromatherapy Candle, apply the ESCAPE Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm to your pulse points, Stop. Inhale. Reset. You’ll feel relaxed in no time!

5 - Set Goals

What do you want to achieve in the next 6 months? A year? These are big questions but once you know the answers you’ll be able to prioritise what’s really important in your life. Perhaps it's a career related goal, or to build a better relationship, to book that trip to the Bahamas, or to spend more time with your family - whatever it is, it’s key to remain focused on it.

Ensuring you spend time on what makes you happy is a key step towards putting yourself first. Set your goals and plan how you'll get there, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment when you do!

We hope you find this useful, for more tips read our blog on 5 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health. Put yourself first, you deserve it.