Embrace confidence & mindfulness with Nicolette Wilson Clarke

Embrace confidence & mindfulness with Nicolette Wilson Clarke

What better way to celebrate confidence month, than with a mindful yoga class, taught by Scentered soul mate and Master Coach Nicolette Wilson-Clarke, in Spitalfields Anthropologie.

Nicolette is a wonderful example of someone who radiates confidence, both inside and out. Her firm hug, kind smile and soft voice instantly makes us feel at ease and intrigued to find out more about her.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Nicolette Wilson-Clarke and I am a Master Coach to women entrepreneurs, a Senior Yoga Teacher and a local radio presenter.

My company Embodied Entrepreneur was created to help women entrepreneurs stay focused, powerful and balanced in mind and body so they can soar high in their business everyday.

Together we rekindle inspiration, cultivate clarity, restore a strong sense of self, tap into personal power, boost confidence and balance with relaxation.

What does confidence mean to you?

The subject of confidence is very interesting because it's often believed to be a personality trait that we're born with. I do however believe that it's a skill we can learn. A shy person can be confident because when you believe enough in your capabilities you can shift boldly from thought to action.

Many of my clients are held back by limiting beliefs that are either societal or taken on from their  family and friends. During our coaching we discover what they truly believe about themselves and use that to reframe their thoughts and propel their business forward.

What advice can you give to those who are struggling with their confidence?

Think of the things you're amazing at like driving, dancing, walking, cooking, analysing, creating, caring. How do you feel when you’re in these or other acts? I bet there are feelings of competence, self assurance, joy and security. Why do you think you feel good about these tasks or others?

Now think of something you feel less confident about. Speaking in public perhaps, writing proposals, networking, flying. Replace your feelings of incompetence, fear and insecurity with the feelings experienced in the amazing tasks and visualise yourself performing them with grace and ease.

Once you realise that confidence comes from executing tasks consistently until their actions becomes positive habit then you’ll see that there is no struggle with gaining confidence. Its merely a skill to learn like typing on a keyboard, learning to walk or brushing your teeth.

What can we expect from your yoga and mindfulness workshop at the Anthropologie Spitalfields store?

I would say to have no expectations at all! Consider what you would like to receive from the workshop and enter the space like an empty vessel waiting to be filled.

I can tell you though that you’ll leave feeling centred, nourished, grounded, focused, powerful and balanced in both mind and body. The use of the Scentered balms and candles will infuse this experience and you'll definitely leave wanting more.

How do you incorporate Scentered balms and/or candles into your classes or everyday life?

I’m completely in love with the Scentered balms and candles especially Love and De-Stress. I use them for myself daily including before teaching a yoga class. I do this to either rebalance my emotions (Love) or to earth me when the day has propelled me high into my head (De-Stress).

In class, I burn candles and rub them on my hands to hold over the noses of students as they lay in savasana. The Sleep Well balm is perfect for this as it assists with quietening the mind and relaxing the body with the essential oils of palmarosa, lavender and ylang ylang.


If you'd like to meet and experience a Scentered infused yoga class with Nicolette on 28th January, then head over to the Anthropologie website, to find out more and to book your place! 

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