6 Ways You Can Support Small Businesses Through The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

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Everyone is experiencing a bit of uncertainty during this turbulent time, small businesses included. With vital restrictions affecting all aspects of daily life, small businesses may be feeling the pinch with jobs and livelihoods at risk. Are you wondering how you can support a small business but don’t know where to start? Well here at Scentered we have just the article… 

So where to begin?

1. Buy a gift card

One sure fire way to help small businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic is buying a gift card. For example, if you would have visited the hairdressers, consider buying a voucher for when the social distancing restrictions are lifted and you fancy a new colour. If you would have usually visited a restaurant during this period, buy a gift card that you can use to treat yourself and a loved one when business reopens. This will not only give you something to look forward to, but the money from the gift card might just be the difference between ensuring your favourite brand, restaurant or hairdressers is still there after lock-down ends. 

2. Schedule a service for a later date

If your favourite business does not offer gift cards, consider scheduling a service for a later date. Perhaps buy tickets to a local show or production in several months time, or even booking in a massage. If the lock-down isn’t lifted by the time your appointment rolls around, you can always rearrange, and if not, you  have a fabulous appointment or event to spoil yourself with when the pandemic has subsided. Even if you don’t pay in advance, simply providing the assurance that business will be coming their way can alleviate some stress and anxiety from small business owners. 

3. Spread the love

Many small businesses rely on positive reviews and word of mouth for their customers. If there is a small company that you just absolutely love, give them a shout out! Follow them on Instagram, like their Facebook page or retweet their post to your friends. If there is a product you love, tell a friend about it so they can get in on the action too! Showing online support or spreading the word about small businesses is absolutely free and can make a world of difference to vulnerable brands. It will also provide business owners with a bit of positivity and probably put a smile on their face too. 

4. Shop locally and shop small

This turbulent time is the perfect opportunity to switch up our buying habits. The power of us as consumers can make all the difference. Instead of shopping from big name companies, try supporting small or local businesses instead. Some local businesses even do local delivery! Struggling to get an online supermarket delivery? Try your local bakery or farm shop, they may need the business just as much as you need your groceries. Don’t forget, small businesses are not just in your local area but online as well. Switch things up and try something new, you never know what small online businesses you may stumble upon!

5. Send a gift to someone struggling, or treat yourself!

Self care is extremely important, now more than ever. With our normalcy drastically changing, feelings of loneliness or anxiety can creep in. With social distancing a vital component of slowing down the spread of Coronavirus, some of us may be feeling isolated or lonely without the physical contact we are used to. Show your loved one you are still thinking about them whilst also supporting small business by sending them a product from a self-care brand. Why not treat someone to Scentered’s De-Stress Aromatherapy Candle? You will fill their home with soothing essential oils and support a small online business. Or alternatively… treat yourself!

6. Say thank you

Spreading the love among friends and family can provide a positive boost during this uncertain time. But have you ever considered spreading the love to small businesses too? Sending them a good old fashioned letter, or even an email or comment on social media can show them that you’re thinking of them and you support them and their livelihood. A little bit of compassion can go a long way!