What is Aromatherapy and How Can it Help You?

man resting in the sofa


For thousands of years ancient cultures, in India and China especially, have used aromatherapy to better the wellbeing of humans. In simpler terms, aromatherapy is a way of connecting your thoughts and feelings to scents and using those scents to control your emotional wellbeing. Aromatherapy gives you psychological benefits and promotes positive feelings of relaxation, happiness, and contentment. It can also help strengthen your mind and your control of it. 

Essential oils are used as scents in the form of balms, candles, lotions, diffusers and more; these oils are natural and contain no toxins. Aromatherapy is seen as a holistic treatment and can be used alongside traditional medicine, not instead of it. The benefits of aromatherapy can be physical and physiological, depending on which essential oils you use and your body’s natural response. 

A calming bath after a long day 

One of the most common ways to absorb essential oils is in a warm, soothing bath at the end of our day. The nice thing about a bath is you can picture it as your big mixing pot and add whichever essential oils you prefer and simply relax, enjoy and reap the benefits.

Another handy method is lighting up an aromatherapy candle, this way you can set the mood in your bathroom, while running your bath and going about your evening routine, whether it be skincare or simply brushing your teeth. If you make a conscious effort to breathe deeply and relax with the scent, when you’re ready for your bath you will find you will be able to unwind a lot easier. 


A relaxing evening after a mentally straining day

We all have those days that are especially testing. Especially living in such confusing and uncertain times with the current outbreak of Coronavirus. If you feel as though your work has been stressful because you are trying to cope working from home, or you’ve recently lost your job and have been trying to make use of your time, then know you are not alone. Doing too much all at once without a break, or downtime can be detrimental to your efficiency and can lead to mental strain. If you feel like this you may also find it hard to switch off after a day of work, especially now you are working at home.

Using an aromatherapy balm and candle set if you’re struggling with stress and mental strain. For example, if you’re not changing your surroundings, it can be tricky to leave work behind, and dedicate time to yourself or your family and loved ones. Apply your aromatherapy balm to your wrists and take in the scent, every time you are spending quality time with your family. Then when you’d like to transition after work simply light your aromatherapy candle and let your subconscious mind do the rest of the work. Lighting the candle creates the habit of transitioning your mindset from thinking to relaxing, with the scent reminding you of spending time with loved ones. 

If you want to find out more about therapeutic candles and their benefits and different scents, read or popular therapeutic candles blog here


A special moment to help you de-stress

Often after a busy day with lots on our minds, we can develop headaches and tension in our muscles. Massage oils and creams can be a soothing remedy to help this. A simple massage can relax your muscles, improve circulation and physical tension. Using essential oils alongside a carrier oil in the form of a muscle rub or body cream can help even further. A lavender scent is known for relaxing muscles and chamomile relaxing the mind. If you’d like to make it simple, check out our DE-STRESS Wash & Lotion duo it comes with all the essential oils mentioned as well as jojoba oil for moisture and other health benefiting ingredients.