Stop. Inhale. Reset.®

That’s our mantra here at Scentered and it can be applied to so many situations in life. If ever things are getting a little on top of you, this is a great way to reset and refocus on what’s important. We have 6 different blends and each fragrance has a different effect, from helping to improve your mood and boost focus to helping you to relax and improving your sleep. There’s something for almost every situation – including fitness.

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Aromatherapy in Fitness

When we embark on a fitness journey we have a set of goals in mind, to improve your stamina, get stronger or faster?

Sleep is a key pillar for helping you perform at your best in all aspects of your life  – not least fitness – and here is where Aromatherapy and our Sleep Well Balm can help. The special blend of deeply calming essential oils act as a natural sedative to mind and body. 

Remember, the better you sleep, the better you recover and perform – it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy!

What is aromatherapy?