The 5 Best Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Every Part of Your Day

The 5 Best Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Every Part of Your Day

Aromatherapy essential oils are a great addition to your daily routine. When you inhale essential oils, your brain triggers a physical response by releasing chemicals into your bloodstreams, such as serotonin and endorphins. This can help boost your mood, reduce stress, release muscle tension, and calm your mind. Almost sounds too good to be true! So whether you had a terrible night's sleep, a stressful day ahead, or just want to put an oomph in your day, here are our 5 best aromatherapy oils for every part of your day. 

Start Your Morning with HAPPY 

Rise and shine! Instead of pouring yourself a second cup of coffee, why not diffuse some of the best essential oils to get you started for the day? Our HAPPY scent contains citrus essential oils such as Grapefruit, and Lemon delivers a burst of energy and positivity. Mint essential oils are also added to lift the spirits. Apply your HAPPY Balm or light your HAPPY Candle to start your day feeling grateful and uplifted. 

Start Work with FOCUS

Our FOCUS scent was created with the best essential oils to help boost your memory and increase alertness. It includes Rosemary, a scent that aids memory retention and alertness, mint to spark mental activity and Clary Sage to relieve mental fatigue. So, next time you feel sluggish in the morning, instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, apply your FOCUS Balm boost productivity. This brightening aroma will promote mental clarity to help you perform at your best in the morning. This is great, especially when you are pressed for time and need to boost your concentration.


Conquer the Afternoon with DE-STRESS

When the afternoon slump hits, it can be hard to push forward. Or suppose your day has become incredibly stressful after a long morning of working at home. Our DE-STRESS Aromatherapy is something you can incorporate into your every day that will give you the time to Stop, Inhale, and Reset whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Our DE-STRESS range is designed to help carry you through life's everyday journey and was explicitly created to promote a sense of calm and control during stressful and challenging times - including the afternoon slump! Chamomile is added to encourage a sense of calm. In contrast, Neroli and Mandarin are added to soothe tension, uplift, and relax. Apply our DE-STRESS Balm or light our DE-STRESS Candle next time you need a sense of wellbeing in your day. The perfect addition to your at-home workspace.

Begin Your Evening with LOVE

After a long hard day, treat yourself to our LOVE Aromatherapy balm. It can be difficult to disconnect from work. Use this scent when you want to feel connected, both physically or emotionally, to others and yourself. We like to call it a huge gift you give to yourself. It's a sensual, woody oriental scent, created with the best essential oils. From the spicy citrus top notes of Orange and Clove essential oils, and heart-warming floral Rose and Jasmines to Patchouli, Vanilla, Cedarwood & Cabreuva; lighting our LOVE Candle or applying our LOVE Balm will release a romantic aroma. This is the sort of romance you can treat yourself to!

Unwind at Bedtime with SLEEP

Essential oils can have a very calming and sedative effect that helps us drift off to sleep. Lavender is the most well-known and arguably one of the best essential oils for helping us get sleepy. Our SLEEP WELL Aromatherapy Balm has a blend of lavender, palmarosa, and ylang-ylang. Rub our aromatherapy balm onto your temples and pulse points. As your skin warms the oils, you will release the sweet aromas that can help you drift off and complete your day.