How To Use Our New Candle Refill Stack

Refillable candles

Our greatest pride: our newly launched candle refills! After years of trialling, we are very proud and happy to present our 100% natural, vegan-friendly Scentered candle refills. Perhaps you’re wondering why this is such a big deal, but this is a huge step towards a more sustainable society. The candle refills have been developed to reduce single use purchases and to create a more sustainable purchasing experience. We’re very excited to spread the word about our candle refills and we hope you are too!

What is a candle refill?

You might wonder how a candle refill is different from our usual aromatherapy candles. Our candle refills have been designed with a very important cause in mind: sustainability. We are working towards a more sustainable society and our refillable candles contribute to this. Whereas our normal candle range already uses natural ingredients and is therefore eco-friendly, the candles weren’t vegan yet. The candle refills are completely vegan as they don’t contain beeswax anymore and besides that, the packaging is eco-friendly too! After purchasing your Scentered candle in its beautiful glass container, you can now reuse the glass with a Scentered candle refill supplied in minimal, compostable packaging to reduce single use purchasing.

Why did we make the candle refills?

We have spent the last two years perfecting our candle wax to enable a 100% natural, high performance, plant-based refillable candle. We formulate our candles from scratch, using renewable, sustainable and biodegradable sources. To ensure a sustainable product, there are no toxic paraffin wax or any of the boosters, binders or other synthetic ingredients used. The quality of Scentered’s candles is noticeable when you light one of our candles. You will notice a beautifully clean, natural burn that is non-toxic and doesn’t smoke. Our aromatherapy candles are specifically designed to help you to Stop, Inhale and Reset.

How to use the candle refills

The candle refills don’t come with a six sheets long manual, but are very simple to use. You simply pick a Scentered candle on the website that comes with a glass container. After you have finished this candle, instead of throwing the glass container away, you can purchase a candle refill to use. This reduces the waste extremely and allows you to continue using the beautiful glass container that comes with the aromatherapy candles. If you already own a candle glass, please ensure that the refill wax sits approximately 1 cm below the rim of the glass. 


This is how you can use the candle refills in three steps:

  1. Purchase a DE-STRESS or SLEEP WELL candle and refill to help you to reduce your stress level and sleep better. The candle set comes with a candle in a glass container as well as a refill.
  2. Once you have burnt the candle in the glass container, you can place the cold finished candle and glass in your freezer overnight. The next day, using a spatula, gently pop out the remaining wax. Wash the glass and dry it thoroughly. Please note that the glass containers aren’t sustainable for dishwashers. 
  3. Remove the refill candle from its packaging as instructed and place it into your glass. For the best results, we recommend trimming the wick to 1 cm before lighting the candle. The packaging of the candle refill can be thrown away into your commercial compost bin as it’s fully degradable!