How to Transition Your Working Day With Aromatherapy

transition mindfully

Season to season, day to night, morning to afternoon and evening. Our planet is constantly transitioning as it continues on its cyclical orbit. If you think about it, from when we wake up until the time that we shut our eyes, our daily life is full of transitions too. Some of us find transitions easier to cope with, whilst others of us struggle. As life gets evermore busier, we’re adopting new strategies to help us cope. Yoga, meditation, exercise, spa therapies and aromatherapy, are just a few of the many. 

Mood Transition

When we transition from one activity to another, it can be relatively easy to do this in a physical sense, but our mood doesn’t always follow. Take the example of getting up in the morning. Ideally, we’d like to feel bright, alert and focussed. In comparison, we often feel the complete opposite, sluggish and tired. It can take an hour or so and quite a few cups of coffee to feel sufficiently wide awake. Or when we want to go to sleep, we’d like to feel relaxed and sleepy, rather than alert and anxious. Instead, we might toss and turn, waiting for our thoughts to slow and our body to relax enough for sleep to come. But what if there’s a simple way to speed up our mood transitions?

Aromatherapy for Mood Transition

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to alter and enhance our mood, so it’s obvious that we should be using it to our advantage. When we inhale aromatherapy products, molecules within essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and impact something called the Limbic System. This important body system plays a role in controlling several unconscious physiological functions. These include breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. Aromatherapy, therefore, can have a direct impact on our emotional state of mind and physiological processes. 

Whilst building a successful global hospitality business Scentered founder, Lara Morgan, travelled the world hundreds of days each year and realised the need for portable aromatherapy products to support her mindful transitions from home to office to travel to “me time”. Since then, Scentered have created powerful aromatherapy balms and candles that can help to create mental triggers to shift from one mindset to another. 

Mood Transition 1: Waking Up

As soon as you wake up, apply our HAPPY Balm to your wrists, neck and temples, then stop and breathe deeply three times, inhaling its scent as you do so. Alternatively light our HAPPY candle whilst you shower. This uplifting citrus and mint blend delivers an instant burst of positivity, helping you to reset your mood for the rest of the day.

Mood Transition 2: Work Time

Use our FOCUS Balm throughout the day whenever you need clarity of mind to accomplish goals and tasks. Apply your balm before you begin work, when you go into a work meeting or need to refocus after a lunch break. Blended with Rosemary, used for millennia to increase alertness and boost memory, Mint to help stimulate mental activity and increase focus on cognitive tasks, and Clary Sage which aids in relieving mental fatigue and promoting mental clarity. Better than coffee!

Mood Transition 3: Me Time

Scentered’s ESCAPE range is a great one to use when it’s time to shift from what you ‘have to do’, to doing what you ‘want to do’. This grounding blend instantly transports you mentally to me time, whether that’s during a lunch break, a yoga class or a good book.  It’s an enticing blend made with Oud, to enhance clarity of mind, Sandalwood for strengthening, and which is also beneficial for yoga and meditation practice, and Frankincense grounding, balancing and useful for visualization.

Mood Transition 4: Winding Down After Work

Scentered’s DE STRESS range is a soothing blend, ideal for helping you to juggle throughout the day and keep calm and in control. Excellent for unwinding after a stressful day at work. Its blended with Chamomile to promotes calmness and Neroli and Mandarin to help soothe tension and support feelings of well-being. Try using our Destress Candle whilst you soak in the bath.


Mood Transition 5: You Need a Hug

A perfect ally when you’re feeling emotional or on edge, need a hug or some self-care, and when you feel disconnected from others. Scentered’s LOVE range is a warm, romantic blend that stimulates the emotions to enhance sensuality and emotional connectivity. It’s like a hug you give to yourself. A sensual, woody oriental scent, with spicy citrus top notes of Orange and Clove, and heart-warming floral Rose and Jasmine notes, all wrapped in the rich base notes of Patchouli, Vanilla, Cedarwood & Cabreuva.

Mood Transition 6: Bedtime

Scentered’s SLEEP WELL range is the ideal sleep aid, quieting the mind and promoting a better, deeper quality of sleep. You’ll also awake feeling well-rested and give yourself the best chance to start the day on the right foot. Our sophisticated floral lavender blend harnesses the therapeutic benefits of Lavender, Chamomile, Palmarosa and Ho Wood, and balances them with Bois de Rose and Geranium. The Patchouli, Clove and Ylang Ylang heart brings a modern oriental twist.