The secret to a good night's sleep

The Fine Bedding Company

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We've been speaking to The Fine Bedding company to find out all about their secrets to a good night's sleep. Read on to find out more.

Due to the growing amount of information from in-depth sleep studies we are slowly becoming more conscious of the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. This has become a high priority for so many of us, armed with knowledge of why all the elements to the perfect bedtime routine are so beneficial.

However, in a world where we are constantly connected 24/7 through our smartphones and tablets, it can be hard switch off and remember the importance of our sleeping environment. A third of your life is spent sleeping so it’s vital to pay some attention the room you sleep in and its environment.

There's a whole host of different things you can do to help improve the quality of your sleep, such as improving your diet, turning off screens an hour before you bedtime and reducing caffeine intake; but have you ever considered the of quality of your bedding?

Good quality bedding can be fundamental in delivering a better night’s sleep. The bedding we sleep on (and under) can have a strong effect on how comfortable we sleep at night. From choosing the right pillow support through to knowing which tog duvet suits your body temperature will affect the quality of your sleep.

Starting from the top, you’ll need to find out which type of pillow best suits your sleeping position as using the wrong pillow can result in poor sleep posture and discomfort. For back sleepers you’ll need a medium pillow whilst side sleepers will need a slightly more firm pillow to offer that extra neck support. Those that sleep on their front will need a much softer pillow allowing the correct spine alignment meaning you can wake with no aches and pains. For a more information on finding the right pillow for you, use The Fine Bedding Company’s pillow guide.

Using the right duvet is also essential to getting a good night’s sleep. A duvets warmth is rated by its tog level which ranges from 4.5 for the summer months through to 13.5 for the winter. Using the wrong duvet at the wrong time of year can leave you feeling too cold or too hot which results in disturbed, poor quality sleep. All seasons duvets are a popular choice as they can effortlessly be adapted to the seasonal variations all year round.

The duvet filling is also an important factor to consider. Should you be using a natural filling or a fibre filled? Fibre filled duvets include benefits such as being ideal for home washing and are better suited to allergy sufferers whereas natural duvets are highly breathable, have a longer life span and tend to be a heavier duvet. The Fine Bedding Company’s duvet guide can help you identify which product will give you the best night’s sleep.

So whilst there are many factors to consider when creating that perfect sleeping environment, it’s pays to invest the time in finding what’s right for you as the benefits of good quality sleep are endless. to remember the impact bedding can have on getting that all important quality night’s sleep.