Lucy Allen's Paris Marathon Advice

Top Marathon Tips

7 Things I have learned from Training

1)  Cutting out alcohol most of the time makes you feel really good (even if it is tough at the parties)

2) Swapping hangovers for runs & roasts is also a great way to enjoy the weekend

3) Running is a great way to explore London (and wherever else you go!) Just plan your route and nutrition carefully on the long runs.

4) If you put your mind to it, your challenge is possible. You just need to believe in yourself (and it helps to get a couple of friends who will encourage you along on the journey)

5) Any movement is better than no movement, just keep moving forward

6) You have to take it seriously and give it lots of time. Respect the distance and respect your body.

7) Long runs alone are very lonely. Find some company


6 things I learned during my first Marathon

1) Scentered Focus aromatherapy balm really works (for mind & body!)

2) Listening to a podcast about Tom Daley’s baby plans is not very motivating, although I love Fearn Cotton’s Happy Place – this isn’t Marathon running material!

3) Breaking the distance into chunks didn’t work well for me, I just wanted to give up after completing each chunk! Think Big

4) It is important to stay connected to your own goal and not that of others

5) After race recovery is just as important as the pre-race preparations

6) Having a massage the next day is a must!


What I’ll do differently for London Marathon in 4 days

  • Be Happy balm! I will run with Be Happy balm - effervescent, uplifting and sunshine in a stick to carry me through.

  • Playlist Playlist Playlist - fast fun and happy tunes fuel my mind and body – I need a well-planned playlist planned to push me through the dark times.|

  • I’ll cook and eat my own food ahead of the marathon – no changes in diet or surprise French cuisine this time!

  • I’ll run for fun. To finish smiling no matter how long it takes me.

  • I’ll take time to feel proud when I cross the finish line.

  • I’ll have a delicious & warm breakfast (not cold overnight oats like last time)

  • I’ll run knowing every step is making a wave of change in Mental Health