5 Top tips on staying Motivated

woman smelling where wrist

Before finding out the steps for staying motivated, you need to start with the most important question: Why?

The strongest reasons will make the strongest actions. After that, the results are all in good time. It’s hard to persevere if you don’t have a reason to push through the hard times.

A good little listen for motivation and strong female power is Nicollette Wilson-Clarkes interviewing our co-founder Lara Morgan on her radio channel. Follow through this link to listen to the whole interview.


Don’t forget to also be easy on yourself. We are only human, temptations are always around the corner, and life can sometimes be spontaneous, but here are 5 tips on making sure you stick to your goals the best you can.

#1 – Eliminate YOUR distractions

 Emphasis on the YOUR. We all have different distractions.

Be honest with yourself,

 Is it enough to turn your phone off?

Will you still have tabs on your laptop you flick over to more often than your work? 

Maybe it’s your environment; Surround yourself with people who will give out the atmosphere you need.

It can take up to 21 minutes to regain your focus. These pile-up and lead to tasks not finished have you taking your work home with you.


#2 – Have A Plan

Sit down finish your oatmeal or avocado toast.

THEN PLAN before you start anything else.

Starting your day without planning is the recipe for anxiety and stress, especially if you have busy days.

Having a list to tick off alone it is gratifying. It also allows you to sort out priorities.


#3 Take a moment and breath

You might not want to go into a full meditation session and that’s okay.

Taking just three minutes to stop and recollect your thoughts can have the hugest impact on your productivity.

Taking deep breaths allows the oxygen to travel around your body and bring you back to your centre.

#4 Take some time for yourself.

Taking structured breaks and letting your mind relax can be more productive than counterproductive.

The breaks improve your ability to focus when you come back to your tasks. It’s like hitting refresh when your computer is lagging.

#5 Make It a Habit

 We are all very habitual creatures. By following these steps every day that you need to, you are creating a habit.

Cheat tip: Keep to the same schedule every day. This way you are training your brain to be ready at the same time every day.