Home Pamper Evening Essentials

pamper evening

Who doesn’t love a bit of ‘me time’? Time to yourself away from the stresses and struggles of modern life. Here’s how we would resort to spending an evening on our own and having a good old at home pamper party for one. With wellness in mind, taking an evening to yourself can be more than just a time to relax and DE-STRESS - you can take it to the next level and enjoy the healing benefits too. 

Luxury bath and body products

First things first on the home pamper kit is a load of bubbles and a hot soak in the tub. However, that isn’t do-able for everyone. So make it all about the products you use and the experience of quality ingredients, a lather in the shower can feel just as therapeutic. The hot steam of a shower or bath can act as a cleanser for your skin’s pores as well as your breathing. Why not try adding a few drops of essential oil to your bath to infuse the misty air with even more comfort. 

Facemasks - DIY?

As for another home pamper idea, how about a fancy facemask? They can do wonders for the skin, but as sheet masks are one-use products and not very environmentally friendly - you can always opt for a homemade facemask for things that are already laying around your home. Try an old avocado - too ripe to eat but will do wonders for your skin. Natural yoghurt also has amazing anti-bacterial properties and honey will act like a nourishing face oil for afters. 

Feel good music 

To get you in the mood, put on a playlist of your favourites. There’s no shame in knowing every word to Madonna hits or any other pop classic from the 80s for that matter. The power of music to lift your spirits can be super good for your soul. We recommend anything that makes you want to get up and dance, or if you're after a more chilled pamper evening - something that makes you relax and go ahhhh. 

Something for the mind

If you want to nourish yourself internally as well as externally, why not reach for a book - we’ve listed our favourites here, with something for everyone - thrillers, love stories and nonfiction, mind blowing books to feed your soul. If you’re more into physical exercise have you tried yoga?