Give yourself a little bit of Love

Scentered Love range

Throughout February we’ve become more mindful of our moods and emotions and have continued to ask ourselves “How do I feel today?”. We’ve become familiar with the feelings we get when we’re happy and those we feel when we’re a little frustrated and have taken the time to work on these moods in ways that best suite us. Self-love was at the heart of our focus for February, with much of our mood being controlled by how we’re feeling deep down inside.

We’ve learnt that self-love can have different meanings from one person to the next, yet ultimately, it’s about treating yourself with love and kindness. The wonderful thing about self-love, is that you can do anything you like to build upon your own inner love. You control your mind and body.

For starters, being mindful of your lifestyle can have a big impact on your inner happiness and could be a great starting point when exploring self love. Take a step away from your daily routine and ask yourself what makes you happy, what makes you miserable and is there anything you’re doing which isn’t building upon your inner love? Take feeding your body for example, Are you nourishing your body and feeling fantastic? Or are you lacking in nutrients which are making you feel less than 100%? As we continue to lead busy and demanding lives, there is a challenge for us to eat what our bodies need and balance it with the other yummy but naughty that our minds desire. The daily challenges of what to eat, drink and do to keep ourselves energised and feeling alive, comes with its struggles, yet there are little things that we can do to keep ourselves feeling our best when times get a little tough. Take a step back and look to remove and add to your lifestyle. See how it makes you feel.

Besides eating, drinking and exercising regularly, rewarding ourselves with natural therapy can do us wonders. The natural benefits of Scentered therapy balms are powerful to say the least and achieve that boost we sometimes so desperately crave. By applying to you pulse points (neck, wrist or temples), our nourishing combination of moringa and shea butter ensure a non-greasy finish on the skin, leaving you feeling balanced, energised and de-stressed. Our favourite for February is of course our Love balm, described by many as a hug. It’s calming and comforting fragrance of Patchouli, Rose and Cedarwood, helping you to relax and unwind.

Give yourself a total moment to yourself and light your Love candle. The calming fragrance will fill the room, leaving you feeling relaxed and in control.