5 tips for a stress-free work morning

a woman at work, happy and stress free

Mornings used to be crazy in our house. Invariably I’d hit the snooze button one too many times and wind up running late. The kids, of course, would seize the opportunity and do their level best to not get ready on time. Stress levels would rise. I’d end up shouting, then regretting it, losing my glasses (or purse, or document I’d printed out for my first meeting etcetera etcetera). You get the idea.

Then halfway to school or work, the petrol light would ping on a little too joyfully for my liking and another ten minutes would instantly be added to my ETA. I’d get to work feeling stressed and leave feeling exactly the same. How to deal with Stress at Work? It’s amazing that by making a few tweaks, you can bring order and calm to your work morning.

How to Deal with a Stressful Work Morning:


1. Preparation

Preparing the night before is key. Figure out a ‘to do’ list. Picking clothes out can save you at least 5-10 minutes, longer for some. Prepare your lunch and pack your gym bag, purse and work bag. Don’t forget to check if you have enough petrol. If not, factor that into your timings for the morning. 

Make sure you’ve done the same for your children. Packed lunches and snacks should be made up and uniforms chosen. Another idea is to have the table set for breakfast and cereals out in canisters so that all you have to do in the morning is make a cup of tea and put the milk on the table. 

Most importantly, check your work calendar. Know where you need to be when. Print off anything you need to take along, read any documents or emails that are relevant and make sure you’ve prepped in advance for meetings, presentations etc.


2. Go to Bed Early

Being jolted out of bed by an alarm is not a nice way to begin the day. It creates cortisol (a stress response) so it’s much better to wake up naturally. This helps your body align with your circadian rhythm, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. For that to happen, you need to make sure that you’re going to bed early enough and getting enough sleep. Not always easy when there’s the distraction of social media and Netflix I know.

The other thing is to resist the temptation of instantly checking your phone for notifications, news, social media or work emails as soon as you wake up. Again, these can create a stress response or suck you into reading something, then get behind and run late. Keep the phone out of the bedroom!



3. Dealing with Work-Stress

There are so many ways that we can manage work stress nowadays. It’s definitely helpful to begin the day positively. You can do this by listening to a morning meditation or doing some mindfulness, setting intentions for your day, reading something positive or doing something that nourishes your brain. 

If you’re of the opinion that mornings suck, reframe it as ‘no matter what happens today, I’m in control of how I respond.’

When you’re at work, schedule regular breaks to get up and walk around, grab a drink and focus on some deep breathing. You could incorporate some meditation or mindfulness into your lunch break too.

Remind yourself not to take on other people’s work stress. Sometimes colleagues or managers like to transfer their stress onto someone else. It makes them feel better, like they’ve relieved themself of the burden of that stress. Be on the lookout and have an awareness that you can choose not to take on their stress. Learn to say No and set boundaries. There are many stress consultants or stress management courses that you can access to help you ascertain your triggers of stress and give you tools to manage them. Carrying out a life audit can also help if you suspect that you may not be in the right job or industry and this is causing you stress.

4. Aromatherapy for Stress

Aromatherapy is a great way to help manage stress. It’s quick and easy so perfect for the workplace. Our happy balm is a great way to begin your morning. Apply it as soon as you wake up. Our uplifting citrus and mint blend delivers an instant burst of positivity. 

When you transition into work, use our focus balm. It’s an invigorating blend that will help direct your mind and boost concentration. For those times, when you feel stressed at work, use our De-stress balm immediately. Our remarkably soothing blend will help you juggle more throughout your day, keeping you calm and in control.


5. Your Work Environment

Make your work environment as calm as possible. Have an organised desk rather than one full of clutter. Keep your desk stocked with healthy snacks and make the desk work for you. Consider how it supports your posture, wrists and eyes and adapt it as necessary. If you’re allowed music, try something soothing like classical rather than rock or pop.