5 Small Ways to De-stress on the go

woman holding bar in a bus

Life can get extremely busy without us even noticing and realising how stressed we have become. Trying to find the time to fit de-stressing techniques into our busy schedules can just add to the stress! That’s why here at Scentered we have compiled a list of 5 easy steps on how to de-stress when busy. Keep reading to find out how to practice mindfulness techniques throughout the day...

Deep breathing

…in… and out. Deep breathing is a powerful and long-standing technique used to de-stress when busy and can have the ability to decrease anxiety on the go, as it is proven to increase energy, slow the heart rate and decrease blood flow. As humans, we are born with this natural instinct to breathe deeply and slowly, just take a look at a newborn baby. However, as we grow up and experience the stresses of everyday life, our breathing can become quickened and shallow which is caused by stress and can create a vicious cycle by amplifying negative feelings. 

So… take a deep breath… and read on. Taking deep breaths can be like a natural espresso shot, and combining this with aromatherapy can create double the benefits. When you are taking some “me time” to slow down and deepen your breathing, try lighting Scentered’s DE-STRESS Candle or rubbing Scentered’s DE-STRESS Balm on your pulse points and inhaling the naturally de-stressing effects of Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin. When you are having such a busy day that you can’t fit in any “me time”, try using one of Scentered’s DE-STRESSING products to transport your mind and emotions back to when you were last feeling relaxed, and yield the positive effects of scent memory. 


Create a workspace that’s a haven of serenity

As we spend an average of 8 hours a day at work, it's important that our workspace or work equipment brings us joy and allows us to de-stress when busy. Feeling comfortable, calm and inspired by your workspace is really integral to having a positive and productive day at work that allows you to leave happy, ready to switch off when you get home and enjoy your evening. The first step is being comfortable, so throw out that old desk chair and upgrade to something with back support. Next, decorate your space with things that bring you joy and inspiration; maybe it's family photos, inspirational quotes or a relaxing scented candle like our DE-STRESS Candle that will remind you to stay calm and focus. Being more content and comfortable at work will help you engage more and be a more productive member of the team. 


Turn social time into self-care

Finding time to socialise is an enjoyable way to switch off from work and catch up with friends, but these can oftentimes be stress-inducing themselves, like a lot of eating out, gossiping or drinking. Try turning this quality time in your schedule into something that will help not only de-stress you but your loved ones as well, two birds with one stone! Firstly, find out what it is that everyone finds enjoyable and relaxing and change up your usual weekend plans for something that everyone can experience together and use as part of their self-care routine. Some positive suggestions are a walk in the fresh air, trying a yoga class together or have a movie night in with your favourite snacks! 


Create a personalised morning routine

Mornings, particularly before work are usually a blur of fumbling to get dressed in the dark, inhaling a bowl of cereal as you simultaneously try and brush your hair and hunt for your house keys, all before you miss your ride to work. This can leave you starting your day off already set up for stress. As tempting as it is to lie in until the very last minute, try setting your alarm early and carving out some time in your morning routine to de-stress when busy. If you have something to look forward to in your morning routine such as a yoga session, a recording of your favourite podcast or simply something yummy for breakfast, you might find getting out of bed a little easier!


Take a break

Taking a break may seem counter-intuitive when you are stressed. When stressed we have an increased level of adrenaline coursing through our bodies which can make it tempting to tackle our workload at full throttle. This will leave you feeling frantic, unproductive and even more stressed. So next time you feel this way, step away from your computer or your workstation and take a walk. Exercise is a proven stress reliever and even more positive if you spend your workday hunched over a desk. If you aren’t able to exercise and need alternative ways on how to de-stress when busy, try meditation from wherever you are by getting comfortable, closing your eyes, applying your Scentered Balm and focusing on de-stressing.