3 ways to be more positive and the ripple effect on your life after


When leading a busy lifestyle, sustaining a positive outlook isn’t always easy. The crowded work commute, busy school run, and hectic mid-week schedules can play havoc with our mental state and interfere with our positivity and happiness, often leaving us feeling sluggish. If this resonates with you, we’ve put together a few ways on how you can introduce positivity into your lifestyle and the ripple effect it has on your life!

 1. Change your mindset

Do you find yourself focusing on the things that get you down or didn’t turn out the way you had hoped? Rather than fixating on the negatives, which are often out of our control, remembering what went well is highly important for our positive mental attitude. Despite not being an easy change, this can be one of the most beneficial things you can do to become more positive. But remember, don’t be too hard on yourself and always manage your expectations. It would be unrealistic to completely eradicate all negative thoughts, however by making the effort to not gloss over your achievements and acknowledging small victories, you may start to feel uplifted and more positive.

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 2. Practice gratitude

Although this may sound like a small change, practicing gratitude can have remarkable effects on your positivity. Simply being thankful for the people around you and showing appreciation to your loved ones can help reduce your stress levels and improve your self-esteem. You will soon find that adopting a positive mindset will attract positive energy from others, improving your mood too!

Another effective way of practicing gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal and making a note of all the things which have brought you happiness from the day. This simple yet highly effective practice can work wonders at boosting your optimism and improve your overall attitude. Before starting your journaling practice, try using our FOCUS aromatherapy balm. Blended with rosemary and mint, the balm will boost concentration and stimulate mental activity, helping you get the most out of your journaling practice.

 3. Meditate

Practicing meditation is a great way to boost your positivity, with research suggesting that meditation promotes the release of endorphins, which can boost your creativity and happiness levels. We understand that getting in the right headspace to practice meditation can be difficult when you are feeling down, however our FOCUS aromatherapy balm will help direct your mind, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. Regular meditation practice can also enhance your self-awareness, helping you focus on the positives!

Adopting a positive mindset and having an optimistic outlook on life has been proven to have many benefits for your health, with increased energy levels, a better quality of life and lower rates of depression being just a few. Positivity and optimism have also been shown to drastically reduce the occurrence of heart disease and stress. So why not try these suggested techniques on being more positive and enjoy the benefits of feeling energised and experience life to the fullest!