10 Uses For A Lavender Scented Body Wrap

lavender plant

Lavender is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. This combined with heat treatment is a natural technique to relieve aches and pains, ease muscle discomfort, and relax the body. As well as aiding with better sleep health and a general sense of well-being. 

The wheat bag filling is fragranced with lavender to help relax and provide the therapeutic properties of the essential oil to your body.

It easily fits any area of the body, so allow its warmth and fragrant aroma to comfort and ease any part of your body that may require some love.

Period Cramps

Period and menstrual cramps are a common yet crippling reality for most females. Some are lucky to make it through their time of the month without much discomfort, but for those out there that aren’t as lucky…we feel your pain.

The combination of heat with the lavender body wrap can relieve menstrual cramps. The heat soothes the cramps, making them bearable and the lavender provides that layer of relaxation and calm.

Chronic Conditions and Pain

Heat is a natural healing remedy for pain and can be used to treat pain caused by chronic muscular and joint disorders like arthritis. The lavender body wrap won’t be able to take away what is causing the pain, but it can relieve the discomfort.

Applying heat to a painful area dilates blood vessels and promotes blood flow, allowing tight and tense muscles to relax. This is beneficial for pain relief from chronic muscular pain and sore joints.

Everyday Aches and Pains

Aches and pains are inevitable, especially in a world where we sit at desks for prolonged periods, go to the gym and try to lead active lives. This can leave us with tight shoulders and stiff muscles. The lavender body wrap has its uses to relieve these everyday aches and pains, as the heat can help to relax and soothe any tightness and soreness.

Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be crippling, leaving you unable to move. By using the lavender body wrap, the penetrating heat can relieve the stiffness of your bad back. This heat works well to relieve the discomfort from not just your lower back but all over, as The lavender body wrap can contour to the shape of your body.

Bruising and Injury

We all can be clumsy and hurt ourselves or get into an unfortunate accident, leading to injury. The lavender body wrap is great for aiding in reducing the swelling and bruising when this occurs. The body wrap can also be used as a cold compress, the cold treatment slows the blood flow to the injured area aiding in the healing process.


Headaches and migraines can leave you feeling sore and groggy for days. The lavender body wrap is a multifunctional tool that can be used hot or cold, whichever compress you choose, place it on your temples to relieve your headache. 

Cold Feet

Nobody likes cold feet! It is uncomfortable and simply not okay. Maybe socks just aren’t doing the job anymore and even after a hot bath they quickly become like two ice blocks. Well look no further, this lavender body wrap can be used to warm up your feet and keep them toasty warm.

Aids With Sleep

Lavender is well known for its soothing properties when it comes to helping people fall asleep, it is a natural fragrance that soothes the mind. Sleep health is vital for everyday wellbeing. The lavender body wrap may become your new best friend, with the heat this is guaranteed to leave you feeling cozy before bed.

De-stress and Relax

Lavender is the elixir of all the essential oils to provide relaxation. By breathing in the fragrant aroma, a calm will settle over your entire body. Now mix this with the heat and you will be in lavender body wrap heaven.

This can help you to unwind and relax your tense shoulders through the natural and aromatic heat that the lavender body wrap has to offer.

Alternative Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles can be difficult to use, along with the risk of burning yourself if they leak. The lavender body wrap can double as a hot water bottle but without the risk. Plus, it comes with the bonus of the soothing lavender fragrance.

Heat treatment is a natural technique to relieve aches and pains and relax the body. The lavender body wraps have calming, relaxing, and sleep-inducing effects.

The lavender-infused body wrap aids with overall wellbeing and de-stresses your body and mind; it's a great gift for loved ones or yourself. De-stress and relax, with the Home Spa De Stress Relaxation Set – Scentered