Post Lockdown Play Date Fear? Give Aromatherapy A Go

Two girls having a picnic

This past year has been weird to say the least, especially for younger children. One moment, they are free to go and do whatever they want, go on playdates or watch their favourite film in the cinema. Next thing you know, they can’t do this for over a year. We have seen restrictions being lifted and being reinforced soon after, which can be very confusing and scary for our kids. Now that we are officially out of lockdown and we’re fully back to normal life, the post lockdown play dates might freak your children out a bit. To help them feel more at ease, you could give aromatherapy a go. 

Post lockdown anxiety in kids

If your kid is naturally anxious, you might have noticed that this has become worse during and especially after lockdown. After spending so much time at home, in their safe environment, it can be difficult for kids to spread their wings and fly out into the world again. Perhaps your kid was a social butterfly before, but is now a lot more socially anxious. Before you get worried, this is absolutely normal behaviour for younger children who have been isolated from their peers for so long. Post lockdown anxiety in kids can express itself in procrastination, isolating themselves from their peers and nervousness about new environments. 

How can aromatherapy benefit kids with anxiety?

Aromatherapy can help to relieve stress and anxiety, both in adults and in kids. If your kid has been feeling stressed, anxious or nervous about post lockdown life, aromatherapy can help them to feel more relaxed and at peace with the new situation. Scentered believe in the importance of taking a conscious moment to actively be present in the moment and process your thoughts. Our wellbeing ritual consists of three easy steps: STOP. INHALE. RESET. This can be applied to kids as well. Kids are often less mindful of their actions and thoughts but by taking this conscious moment, they will experience more relaxation before a big day.  

By inhaling an essential oil with a relaxing, de-stressing scent, your kid will likely feel more relaxed and less anxious. Aromatherapy can therefore be extremely beneficial to use before the first day back to school, the first play date after lockdown or the first swimming lesson.

Aromatherapy de-stress balms and sleep-well balms for overstimulated kids

So what aromatherapy products really help to relieve anxiety in kids? Our DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Balm uses a remarkably soothing blend that helps your kid to stay calm and in control of their emotions. This balm can be applied onto their wrists, temples and neck to be deeply inhaled afterward. Your kid will start to feel more relaxed, less anxious and calmer overall. 

Aromatherapy balms

The biggest challenge with kids, especially if they’re feeling anxious or nervous, is getting them to sleep throughout the night. If your kid is struggling to fall asleep at night or won’t sleep through the night, we recommend letting them use the SLEEP WELL Aromatherapy Balm. With a blend of Lavender and Palmarosa, this balm helps your kid to fall asleep quicker and sleep through the night. This will fully prepare them for an exciting and fun day, without missing out on any important hours of sleep!